Wake Up Special: Orange Factory Special Pt. 1

Orange Factory series @ Wake Up, a non-comprehensive overview of the bands that performed live on stage at Orange Factory concerts over the past 23 years. First up are the nineties!

Playlist Orange Factory series Pt1 (1997-1999)
Life After Life : Mexico (Just Trip) Alternative Tentacles
Triptych : Pater Iratus Est (Superflies) Smoeff
Hypnos 69 : Where All the Ends Unite (Wherever Time Has Shared It’s Trust) Rock’N’Roll Radio
Ovarian Trolley : House On Fire (Ciao Meow) Candy-Ass
Hazel : Quick Jerk (Are You Going to Eat That?) Sup Pop
Sabot : Join the Club (Go There Do That) Vicious Circle
KF3 : Track 1
Maya : Contemplation (Biocide) Conspiracy
35007 : Undo (35007) Stickman
The Bevis Frond : You Make Me Feel (North Circular) Woronzow
Reiziger : Honest (Our Kodo) Genet
Orange Black : Summer Quest for Summer Rest (It’s Electric) Atomic
Waawe : Voice (All Fabulous Things Turn Out to Happen)
Guapo : Action Jackson (Towers Open Fire) Power Tool