Show Hosts

Mack Malone


Born with a musical soul, Mack has a BA in Recording Industry Management from Middle Tennessee State University, and has worked in the marketing departments of Geffen Records, Universal Music and Video Distribution and Country Music Television. He founded Trendkill Radio in Austin, TX in 2013 and has since moved the station to the banks of the Ohio River, across the river from downtown Cincinnati, OH in Covington, KY. With his team of hosts across the globe, his goal is constant… promoting the music that the mainstream ignores, because it’s that music that matters. Mack handles all aspects of the station, including web design, legal compliance, creative vision and it’s future. His show, Common Threads, focuses on those artists screaming from the Appalachian and Ohio Valleys… and those that belong there. Besides also serving as Producer for the Trendkill show, “Special Lady Time with Dead Betty”, Mack is a photographer, artist and owns a fine art and canvas printing business.

Bobby Rayfield


Owner of Inherent Records in Chattanooga, TN, Bass Player for Tennessee sludge quartet Koza, Vinyl and Cassette Enthusiast and all around Music Connoisseur, Bobby brings his own unique element to the KTFT team.  His leadership as PD for KTFT has proven that he’s truly motivated by the thought of bringing non-mainstream and underground music to the masses, providing artists with the exposure that they deserve.  Through his show, Monuments in Ruin, he presents a diverse musical selection with his weekly rollercoaster through the world of various music genres.

Chuck Mann


1968… Black Sabbath was born, as was Chuck. Coincidence? I think not. Hailing from the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, Chuck made his bones as the singer of many Hard Rock bands. Although he never became a household name, those experiences helped him develop a knowledge and appreciation for all types of music. This core mindset guides the content of his show. His encyclopedic knowledge of Classic Metal can only be rivaled by his love of Coffee, Cats, Vinyl Records and Philadelphia sports. When not spinning tunes,
Chuck can be found working in the medical field and promoting many charitable organizations, including Autism Speaks and The American Psychiatric Association Foundation. In regards to his show, and to quote Kings X, “If you like what you hear, then go tell somebody.”.

Jimmy Kershner


I basically started out making mixtapes for all of my friends when I was in high school. When the 90’s hit, I switched to making CDs for my roommates and their friends. Everyone around me was stuck in the mainstream of it the music scene. I was always searching for more… always trying to find the deep cut or hidden gem on the b-side of a record. Always seeking out that one song that your local radio station would skip over because it wasn’t popular enough. So, I do what I do for you, the listeners, because mainstream anything doesn’t cut it for me. Sometimes I create my shows based on what I see everyday. Living in Maryland, and seeing Baltimore and Washington DC everyday, can really bring out the creativity in a person. I associate a song to it and build around it…  ” Always Something Different”.

Jackie Zee


So, who is Jackie Zee? I was born the same year man first walked on the moon and the year people got wild at the first Woodstock Music Festival. Being a baby appearently didn’t stop me from being highly influenced! All my life I’ve been fascinated by the big, never-ending sky and the bold, never-ending underground music scene. My show brings a variety of rock and metal, and since I’m Swedish I’d like to show off the Scandinavian, very rich flora of great music. But far from always! Every show reflects what music sits in my heart that very week, and it could be American as well as European – or from any other corner of the world. If it catches my ear, I’ll pass it on to yours! 

Kane Justus


Born and raised in Indiana, Kane’s also an honorary Canadian (via Mucky Pup). His love of music began by attending his dad’s band practices as a child. His first love was the drums, as he sat in behind the kit and attempted to keep time on AC/DC’s “Problem Child”. Always having music playing in the house was his childhood. He closed himself in his room, listening to what he loved as a teen. He has an extreme love for all things metal, and a soft spot for all things 80’s and new wave. His show, The Sonic Collective, highlights heavy metal, thrash metal, hair metal and alternative music. He secretly wants to be James Hetfield, and has also secretly always wanted to be in a Norwegian black metal band.

Mucky Pup


Starting with drums at 12 years old, Mucky Pup, aka Mathieu Simard, fell in love with music and has been playing bass, drums and singing in bands since the age of 23. This French-Canadian has also dealt with his fair share of touring, show producing, recording, managing, driving and working as stage tech/roadie for his numerous bands, along with numerous other artists. A lifer of the city of Montreal, Quebec, CANADA, now in his 40’s, he’s still hard at work with different musical projects. It is fair to say that music is what keeps him alive and this drives him to push the boundaries to bring you the most interesting music he finds and creates. Now more mature (seriously, let’s not kid ourselves), he’s more passionate and driven to bring you the most heavy, interesting and obscure music out there. Mixing old and new music in a high energy hour, he serves to please.

Scott Moses


Born in December of 1985, Scott grew up consumed with music, going to car shows and watching movies, always searching for something he’d never heard. When he was about 10 years old he was watching this crazy movie about killer trucks, Maximum Overdrive, and the music caught him in a way that he’d never forget, later finding out that the whole soundtrack was by AC/DC. He started a rock band when he was just 14, recorded in a professional studio at 15, and he knew that Rock & Roll was in his blood for good. His father built custom classic cars and he would always go with him to car shows, thinking that the music they played was so cool. He soon started writing down every song that he could find. Starting with a subpar computer and a microphone at age 16, he began recording his own music, but always found sound effects and the production aspect to be his favorite part. As Scott says, “Looking back on everything, Rabbit Trails is just a story of everything I’ve ever done or come across.”

Lisa Sullivan

CREATOR AND HOST OF "Special Lady time with dead betty"

Living with undiagnosed Tourette’s has not slowed this badass down.  Born in Indiana in the late 1900s, her best friend was her grandma Betty Jane Sullivan, who passed away when Lisa was only 8 years old.  Betty was sassy, badassy and was Lisa’s first hero. “Special Lady Time with Dead Betty” is her way of celebrating this amazing woman who gave couldn’t have cared less about the status quo.  She grew up in Betty’s restaurant listening to bluegrass and old school country music.  Along with being exposed to 70’s musicians such as Jim Croce, Carole King and others, Grandma Betty morphed her into a lifelong fan of all genres of music.  Lisa has decided to honor her hero with a podcast sharing new music from people you may have heard of or have not yet heard of, but definitely need to give a listen to.  

Taking her love of photography and music, and being feminist AF, she has also created The Women’s Groovement, Inc., a non-profit organization combining like minds in the female music and art world.  Lisa founded TWG with the goal of creating events to raise funds for those who are in the most need around her home region of the Appalachia and Ohio Valleys.

Isabel Maria

CREATOR AND HOST OF "Songs to Nowhere"

Isabel Maria is a music lover, plain as this. Portuguese, and living in Lisbon, devoting all her spare time to music she loves and occasionally djing, but always feeling the need to exchange more information, she was driven to create her own Mixcloud in 2014 after experiencing  Reverence Valada. After that event, she started to create mixtapes whenever she felt that there were songs that she wanted to share. That work allowed her to work with Caleidosocopio Radio, where for a whole year she cruised the skies every week with her Voyage Dans La Lune, almost exclusively devoted to psychedelia. Creating mixtapes led to another invitation reviewing concerts and interviewing bands with Musica em DX. Her blog Songs to Nowhere started as a repository of all her stuff, mixclouds, playlists, interviews, and reviews, and in 2018, Songs To Nowhere also became a show at Trendkill Radio and is now growing day by day with its own material! 

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