The Desert, Ep. 84

Shew… what a world we’re living in. Thank God for music and show hosts who bring their A-Game every. damn. week. Mucky’s back with a new trip to The Desert! It’s time to relax, with our toes in the sand…

The Beatles – Blue Jay way
Creedence Clearwater Revival – Suzie Q
Funkadelic – Maggot Brain (alt mix)
Pink Floyd – Echoes (Live at Pompeii)
Bad Brains – Attitude
Ramones – Today your love, tomorrow the world (mono)
Greg Sage & The Wipers – Over the edge
NoMeansNo – This wound will never heal

The Desert, Ep. 83

Brand New trip to The Desert for your quarantine entertainment needs this evening! Tune in for all kinds of new music, including new tracks from ArchdruidBlues Pills and Triggercut. Turn it up loud enough and kill the Covid-19 with ROCK!

The Desert, Ep. 82

Man, the world’s going crazy, but one thing that’s not about to be cancelled is our stream of killer music and awesome curated, hosted shows! Like tonight… we’ve got a Brand New Episode of The Desert hitting at 7PM EST, Midnight GMT! Mucky has made this one to honor some of the best women in the game… Behind every man stands a woman and behind every woman is amazing music!

The Desert, Ep. 81

Brand new trip through The Desert! According to Mucky Pup, we got one man, two man, three man and up to five man bands! You know… variety of the heavies!

The Desert, Ep. 80

Brand New Show from Mucky Pup!!! This promises to be one heavy trip to The Desert. As Mucky puts it, this one will pummel you with greatness new and old, from near and afar! All we know is that he’s bringing some Sunn O)))High On FireLeaf Hound and a whole lot more heaviness. Don’t miss it!

The Desert, Ep. 79

Amazing oldies and wonderful noise from today. Also, a new track twenty years in the making!


Sir Lord Baltimore – Hard rain fallin’
Atomic Rosster – I can’t take it no more
Bang – Future shock
UFO – Boogie
Young Flowers – Take warning
SUMA​ – Brest
The Christpunchers​ – Double negative
Elder​ – Illusory motion
Lowrider​ – Red river
Yob​ – Nothing to win

The Desert, Ep. 77

Mucky Pup says, “We don’t care what you say ‘cuz it’s the Instrumental Show!” Whatever that means… we know we’re going to dig it. He’s bringing some Ugly Custard, The Atomic BitchwaxJuciferKEELHAUL and way more, just to entertain you!

The Desert, Ep. 76

Cold front moving across the country, but we’re heading to The Desert at 7PM EST, Midnight GMT! Mucky’s got a whole new bag of tricks lined up. We mourn, we celebrate, we rock and… there’s too many pigs. Check out this track list… and then come take a load off.

Rush – Anthem
Groundhogs – Cherry red
Locomotiv GT – A napba öltözött lány
East Of Eden – Crazy Daisy
Josefus – Crazy man
Fields – Take you home
The Devil & The Almighty Blues – Salt the earth
All Them Witches – Diamond
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Reducer
Blacklisters – Club foot by Kasabian

The Desert, Ep. 75

New year, new intro, new show. 
Back at it with a bang with great tunes from the past and amazing songs from today… we’re headed to The Desert right now, with Mucky Pup leading the way down a brand new journey of heavy exploration.

Jody Grind – Plastic shit
Quatrain – Ask me no questions
Too Much – Gonna take you
Baltik – No registrations, please
Czar – Tread softly on my dreams
Shards – In the city
Cherubs – Nobodies
Djunah – Brother
Waingro – Third veil
Solace – Waste people
Inter Arma – Sulfur english

The Desert, Ep. 73

On this episode, in the States, we’re rolling with a cool buzz and a full belly, so this hour of killer style of Metal and Rock is a welcome dessert… of desert. Get in our stream to catch this one! It’s going to be loud… featuring Los Dug Dug’s, Hurriganes, Finch, Aunt Mary, Désirée and more.