The Desert, Ep. 143

On this episode, we bring you new tracks from CHERUBS, BUMMER and GRIZZLOR without forgetting to pass by the 70’s first.

The Desert, Ep. 142

Do you like blues? Well too bad ‘cuz this one is loaded with rock so hang on or let loose but be sure to do it hard…

The Desert, Ep. 141

Tonight on The Desert, it’s an all cover episode! Can you guess them all? ‘cuz if you do, you’ll get a personalized mixed tape just for you!

The Desert, Ep. 140

We’re back after some vacation and we play great songs from record findings I recently did… turn it up!

The Desert, Ep. 139

On this episode, we bring you a nice soundtrack for your shitty day, week or month…

The Desert, Ep. 137

After a week off we’re back in full force with an instrumental show… Enjoy!

The Desert, Ep. 136

On this episode, Canadian Oi!, punk, grind, hardcore, amazing “noise rock” from 13yrs old, Japanese madness, great frontwomen and 70s awesomeness…

The Desert, Ep. 135

On this episode, new music From Anthesis, Clouds Become Oceans, Cell Press, Greber, Botfly, Seum and a touch of 70s.

The Desert, Ep. 134

On this episode, shout out to our good friend Conan Neutron and new music from his project Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends, new music by (the) Melvins, 90s Canadiana and 70s goodies. Originally aired 17Juin2021

The Desert, Ep. 133

Heavy Trippy Music – 12Jun2021