Dollar Country

Dollar Country, Ep. 113

Dollar Country Episode 113: Bright Lights and Go Go Girls (9/16/20)

Cowboy Copas – Hangman’s Boogie
Bashful Bob – Please Pass The Biscuits
Louvin Brothers – Plenty Of Everything But You
Bernie Waldon – Bright Lights And Go Go Girls
Leon Douglas – I Use To Own This Train
Charlie Kellogg – Don’t Give Me A Reason To Wonder Why
Bill Beeny & His Westerners – He Put Out The Ring Of Fire
Don Slakey – Who Plays The Songs For Country D.J.’s
Johnny Leen and the Leens – Time Off For Good Behavior
Jerry Sparks – Painted Lady
Shirley Ann Mabrey – Flip The Switch
Edwina McCauley – Go Away And Don’t Come Back
Bob Taylor – Hall Of Fame
Billy Joe Kirk – Nashville Guitar Blues
Leon McCauliff – Night Life
Ray Haney – Walking The Blues
Joe Stephens – Layoff Blues

Dollar Country, Ep. 112

Dollar Country Episode 112: Crazy Road Hog (9/2/20)

That’s Bert Munro in the picture there, check him out!

Tex Larabey – Music To Get Stoned To
Rita Lorraine – Dark Back Street Alley
Hank Locklin – Empty Bottle, Empty Heart
The Farmer Boys – I’m Just Too Lazy
Fred Prue with Roy Baxter & His Combo – Don’t Wink At Me
Wayne Raney – I Had My Fingers Crossed
Rose Maddox – There Ain’t No Love
Ann J. Morton – Molly Jones
Freddy Taylor – In Your Own Little Way
Sonny Miller – The Girl I Love
Neal Merritt – Bartender Sell Me The Bar
Harry F. Chestler – Dragging Me Down
Eddie Miller – Behind Closed Doors
Rocky Lane and Vernon Miller – Crazy Road Hog
Eddie Lee – I’ll Think Of You
Linda Cassady & Urel Albert – Mom, Can I Bring Home A Friend
Frank Dycus – My Pursuit Of Happiness
John T. Singer – Big Fat Mama
Buddy Landon – Hot 100 Of The Lord

Dollar Country, Ep. 111

Highway 52

Dollar Country Episode 111: Highway 52 (08/19/20)

Montana Slim – Away Out On The Mountain
Jack Bradshaw – Jo Jo
Bennie Hess – Wild Hog Hop
Eddie Noack – Honeymoon With The Blues
Jimmy Patton – Preacher And A Girl In The Night
Whitey Knight – Another Brew, Bartender
Little Doc Raymond – Highway 52
Blake Berglund – I’m Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes
Lois Kaye – He’s The Only Boy
B.J. And The Pine Kones – Don’t Do This Don’t Do That
Zeb Turner – I Got Loaded
Lewis Pruitt – Timbrook
Sir Nimrod Doilstone – I’m Fine
Cal Veale – Paralyzed
Jimmie Logsdon – Death Of Kathy Fiscus
Bill Beeny And Ozark Mountain Trio – Ballad Of Billy The Kid
Allen Ross – Trekies Delight

Dollar Country, Ep. 110

The Hard Times Come Easy for Me

Larry Good – Money Troubles
Gary Meister – Death Row
Gil Millam – Jim Cole
Joanna Moore – C.B. Widow
Bennie Hess – Truck Drivin’ Man
Carl Gillion – Mother Trucker
Charlie Monroe – Gonna Shake Hands With Mother Over There
Al Bain – Which Way’d They Go
Wiley Barkdull – No One Will Ever Know
Junie Lou – Mr. Ray
Bill Bacon – (I Gotta) Fall In Love With You
Lee Nichols – Baby You’ve Got Everything
Buddy Pruitt & The Roughnecks – You Can Bet Your Bottom Dollar
Doc Williams – Troubled Mind
Gene Nitz – That’s You Honey
David L. Cash – Let Me Love You One More Time (And Be A Fool Again)
Ron Mason – The Hard Times Come Easy For Me
Eddie Noack – It’s Hard To Tell An Old Love Goodbye

Show Notes:

Dollar Country, Ep. 109

Snake Bit

Dollar Country Episode 109: Snake Bit (7/22/20)

Hank The Drifter – Hank You’re Gone (But Not Forgotten)
Jimmy Dallas – I’ve Got A Right To Know
Billy Ray – The Story Of Suzie
The Nite-Cappers – Out Of Sight
Bennie Hess – Trucker’s Blues
Jimmy Dodd – Don’t Take Your Spite Out On Me
Johnny Singer – Snake Bit
Jim Morrison – Bill Bailey
Harley Gabbard – Uncle Bill’s Still
Glenn Lehman and The Dunbar Mountain Boys – Wild Bill Jones
Wilburn Brothers – Till I’m The Only One
Tharon Guffey – How Many Knew Him On The Elevin Flight
Margie Singleton – Jesus Is My Pusher
Cajun Trio – Wabash Cannon Ball
Hawkshaw Hawkins – Twenty Miles From Shore
Blaze Fury – I Want To See Rita Tonight
Bob Lominac – Have A Heart

Dollar Country, Ep. 108

Love Your Neighbor

Dollar Country Episode 108: Love Your Neighbor (07/08/2020)

Buddy Shaw – Don’t Sweep That Dirt On Me
Lefty Frizzell – Shine, Shave, Shower (It’s Saturday)
Eddie Noack – Through These Doors
Delbert Barker – Wild Heart
Bob Harris And The Piedmont Pioneers – The Old Country Store
Redd Stewart – Love Your Neighbor
Pete Pike – Alone And Forsaken
Charlie Kellogg & The Ozark Drifters – The Last One To Know
Country Vriars – Stay Away, Charlie
Sally James – I Want One
Bob Withers – Lucille From Springfield
Glen Garrison – City Of Sin
Duane Huber – Peacemaker
Lefty Batchelor – I Would Do It All Again
Ferlin Husky – Hank’s Song
Lucky Plank – Movin’ From Boom To Boom
Buddy Shaw – Second Place

Dollar Country, Ep. 107

Wrong Line

Music from a simpler time. Tune into¬†Dollar Country for another hour of real country music, from the days before Nashville killed it. All curated from the Dollar Bins of America and presented in amazing 45 RPM fidelity! Set list below… Roll On.

Larry Heaberlin – Honda

Red Tuck – Power Line Man

Gene Barnett – Wrong Line

Bruce Culver – Square Record

Jim Trahan – Knock Three Times

Ray chevalier – Ballad Of Marc Elishe

Shag Weld – Wishing I’d Just Turned And Walked Away

Jimmy Dallas – Flame Of Love

Elvin Walters – God’s Talent Scout

Tommy Blake – The Hanging Judge

Willie Samples – Down At Kelly’s

Freddy Lake & Harmonica Kate – Moonshiner

Buck Owens – Sweetherats In Heaven

Walt Harriman – White Lightning

Ken Richards – Chicken Eatin’ Preacher

Yodelin’ Shorty – The Crazy Laughing Blues

The Country Side Of Harmonica Sam – Lookout Heart

The Rebel Rousers – The Ballad Of Archie Who

Eldon Fault – Livin’ In The Lap Of Luxury

Dollar Country, Ep. 106

Dollar Country Episode 106: Roll On Buddy (6/10/2020)

The King Brothers – Big Daddy
Charlie Bailey – I Don’t Mean To Cry When You’re Gone
Eddie Noack- What’s The Matter, Joe?
The Compton Brothers – Pickin’ Up The Mail
Howard Crockett – I’d Like To Be Everybody For Just One Day
Gene Stewart and the River Ranch Boys – Walk Easy
Hal LaVon – It’s All Over Now
Donnie James – Living In Misery
Cecil Surratt and Smitty Smith – The Devil And The Farmer
Bill Compton – Iron Man
Peck Touchton – You’ve Changed Your Tune
Bill Morgan – You Name It And I’ll Do It
Stanley Brothers – Stone Walls And Steel Bars
Skeeter Radikopf – The Little Brown Shack Out Back
Johnny Forrer – The Real Thing
Roy Cray And The Rocky Mountain Ramblers – Roll On Buddy
Monte Davidson – Rainin Rainin Rainin
Buddy Pruitt & The Roughnecks – Country Girl
Don Hagen – Bright Lights A Go Go
Billy C. Cole – Put The Herase In Reverse

Dollar Country, Ep. 105

The Wedding Episode


Oops, all love songs!

Texas Diamonds – Circle Of Love
Red Foley and Kitty Wells – Decca
Buck Owens – Everlasting Love
Ethel Delaney – Ridin’ Down The Trail Together
Ron Manning – Love Is First In Line
The Cantrells – We’re Gonna Get Married
Smokey Stover – That’s How True My Love Is For You
Wade Ray – First, Last And Always
Charline Arthur – Just Look, Don’t Touch, He’s Mine
George Jones – Love Bug
Eddy Arnold – The Lovebug Itch
Jean Shepard – I Married You For Love
Shirley Caddell – I’ve Never Been In Love (Like I’m In Love With You)
Wynn Stewart – Big, Big Love
Bobby Woods – Hello Sunshine
Myrna Lorne, Buddy De Val – Are You Mine
Eddie Noack – Sunflower Song

Dollar Country, Ep. 104

Things I Want To Be

Dollar Country Episode 104: Things I Want To Be (5/13/20)

Buzz Martin – Loggers Home Brew
Smokey Harless – Six Days
Wayne R. West – One Of These Days
Bobby Sykes – The Guard On The North Wall
Jimmy Newman – The Devil Was Laughing At Me
Vernon Claud – Jungle Of Cement And Stone
Eddie Noack – Invitation To The Blues
Gene Henslee – Things I Want To Be
Flatt & Scruggs – Hard Travelin’
Stanley Brothers – Don’t Cheat In Our Home Town
Jimmie Gray – Ballad Of Johnny Robles
Cowboy Copas – An Old Man’s Story
George Barnes – Hutchinson Is My Home Town
Nat Stuckey – Paralyze My Mind
Bobby Barnett – Moanin’ The Blues
Bud Deckelman – Let’s Do It Up Brown
Kitty Wells – I Don’t Claim To Be An Angel
Charlie Stewart – Mammoth Cave Secret