Dollar Country

Dollar Country, Ep. 95

Dollar Country Episode 095: The Big Eye (1/8/20)

Jimmy Parks & Ozark Hillbillies – Blue Darling
Vince Roberts – Blue Hearted Me
Benny Williams – Hiking For JFK
Jimmie Driftwood – Damyankee Lad
Johnny & Ann Rion – Sweat On My Brow
George Avak – Shackles And Chains
Cunha & Dawson – Yo Yo Man
Red Rhodes – The Big Eye
Arnold Smith – Go Petty Go
Kenny Roberts – The Bully Of The Town
Robby Roberson – The Habit
Robert Layton – Bottle Of Forget
Doug Duncan – Somebody Tell Sara Jane
Troy Crane – Ballad Of A Condemned Man
C. Leroy Pyle – Souvenirs Of A Broken Love Affair
Clyde Stewart – On Parole
Martin Wendell – An Ode To Burtis Dean
Buddy Lane – Crowded City
Carroll County Ramblers – Gathering Flowers For The Masters Bouquet

Dollar Country, Ep. 93

Dollar Country Episode 093: Long Walk Back To Town (12/11/19)

Charlie Gore – It’s A Long Walk Back To Town
Charlie Kellogg – When I Get Over Drinking
The Country Gentlemen – Secret Of The Waterfall
Ethel Delaney – That Pioneer Mother Of Mine
Rod Creagh – Graveyard Train
Hillous Butrum – The Legend of Uncle Jim
Maggie Valley Boys – Old Time Fox Chase
Flowers Family – Once Again
Saide & Bobby Russell – Shackled
Ralph young – I Wish I Were Him
Steve Lacy And The Back-Ups – A Dark Dingy Room
Van Williams – Why Should I Be Lonely
Bob Campbell – Six-Wheeler Rock
Jim And Jesse And The Virginia Boys – Diesel Train
Al Harvey – I’m Walking The Dog
Jerry Smith – Carless Love
Naomi Faye Allaback – Our July 17th
The Compton Brothers – Haunted House

Dollar Country, Ep. 92

Dollar Country Episode 092: The Bottle And The Glass (11/27/19)

Sons Of The Pioneers – Cigareets, Whusky, And Wild, Wild Women
Hoyle Nix And His West Texas Cowboys – Texas Girl
The Dixie Ryders – Mama’s Resting In Heaven
Dick Van Hale – Lonely Hours
Elsie Shaw – It Doesn’t Really Matter Anymore
Jim Hadley – Mister Brown
Lon Thomas – Whiskey And Weed
Dixie Drifter – Don’t You Buy No Ugly Truck
Don Mason – Where Are You Now When We Need You Ross Perot
Freddy Frank – The Friendly Cigarette
Del Reeves – Johnny Appleseed
Smokey Stover – Ballad Of Jimmy Hoffa
Charlene Arthur & The Knights – Hello Baby
Gene McKown – I’m Out On The Town
Tommy Barnett – The Bottle And The Glass
Del Henry – Huslia Hustler
Everett Faulkner – Mother Natures Problems
Todd Day Wait’s Pigpen – Heart Over Mind

Dollar Country, Ep. 91

Dollar Country Episode 091: Big Balls In Cowtown (11/13/19)

That’s Hoyle Nix & his band in the photo

Sonny Burns – Too Hot To Handle
Arkie Shibley – Hot Rod Race
Hoyle Nix – Big Balls In Cowtown
Roy Miller – Alabama Jubilee
Bobby Atkins – Memories Of President John F. Kennedy
Wes Holden – That Big Man In Washington
Todd Day Wait’s Pigpen – Who’s To Blame
Joe Cody – The Hitchhiker
Willie Hays – Soldiers Last Letter
Dick Rutan – A Day In The Oil Fields
Derrell Felts – How Will I Brake It To My Broken Heart
Gene And Martha Burns – The Valley Of Death
Millard Presley – Denominations
Arlie Duff – Poor Ole Teacher
Wiley J. Smith – Hot Rod Molly
Jack Parker – Gambling Man
Dr. Paul Moore – That Long Legged Bird
Eddie Nash and his Fantastic One Man Band – Mama Tried


Dollar Country, Ep. 90

Dollar Country Episode 090: Master Builder (10/30/19)

Curley Day – Sorry City 1963
Moon Mullican – Rheumatism Boogie
Fred Crawford – Hey Little Waitress
Ramblin’ Jimmie Dolan – What’s Another Broken Heart
Tommy Farr – If
Walt Scott – Heavens Golden Tower
Howard Perkins – Under Control
Olin Berry – Sick and Tired (Of Getting Up Tired And Sick)
Jim Owens – Walking Again
Clarence Nieman – Canyon City Jail
Bobby Lawton – Hello Heart
Cowboy Copas – The Stone Was Rolled Away
Big River Boys – Heading Back To The Rio Grande
Bill Monroe – Master Builder
Johnny Johnson – Heaven Only Knows
Van Ray – If The Tables Could Talk
Jim Voytek – The Ballad Of Thirteen Wives
Jimmy Hall – Bitter Tears
J. David Sloan – One Toke Over The Line

Dollar Country, Ep. 89

Dollar Country Episode 089: The Cause Of All My Troubles (10/16/19)

Ace Ball – Country Boy At College
Bobby Johnson – Memoryville
Lefty Frizzell – What You Gonna Do, Leroy?
Smokey Stover – Crying Towel
Billie Wayne – Just For Kicks
Roger Bryant – Day Time Television
Dave McEnery – Jailhouse Blues
Slim Dusty And His Bushlanders – The Pub With No Beer
Jimmy Miller – Rodeo’s
Ted Doney – Fool On A Stool
Sonny Wayne – The Other Side Of Bonnie & Clyde
Bennie Hess – Truck Drivin’ Man
Buddy Pruitt & The Roustabouts – Roustabout Lou
Paul Kosty – Cause Of All My Troubles
Judi LaVelle – Little Miss Lonesome
Honey Welch – If Today Was A Fish
Brownie Johnson – When You Smile
Dick Hammonds – The Bandolero
Carl & Brenda – Go Bird Go

Dollar Country, Ep. 88

Dollar Country Episode 088: Heaven At Five (10/2/19)

Lorn Wall – I’m Fine
Jack Campbell – D.J. Play A Sad Song
Wiley J. Smith – Money Makes A Man
Tommy Gaebler – $ Green $ (Is Her Favorite Color)
York Brothers – Why Don’t You Open The Door
Jack Campbell – It Couldn’t Happen Any Other Way
Jimmy Driftwood – The Lonesome Ape
Skeets Yaney and the Four Guys – Heaven At Five
Sug Newman – Dark Hair
Malcolm Miller – Snuff Dipper
Bill Browning and his Echo Valley Boys – One Day A Month
Hal Matter with Al And The Blue Flames – There She Is
Lance Hill – Riding In A Dump Truck
Ron Jay – Mailman Blues
Jack Shaw – Black Lung
Julie Young – Villa Of The Nude
Rod Bernard – New Orleans Jail
Will and the Truckin’ Pros – Trailer Truckin’ Trucker

Dollar Country, Ep. 87

Dollar Country Episode 087: Down At The Guitar Store (9/18/19)

Jim Whitlock (The Singing Cherokee) – I Laughed Until I Cried
Flash And Lucky – Why Do I Think Of You Tonight
Ray Tanner – Since I Walked You To The Plane
Bill Nettles (Dixie Blue Boy) – One Step Behind
Miss Joyce Jenkins – Wishing The Best Dear To You
Rusty Adams – Angels From The Opry
Vivian Wray – Mark IV’s And Cowboys
Wendell Austin – Ode To The Old 50 Buick
Slim Foster with Glaser Brothers – A Love Like Yours
Lee Edmond and Bob Raymond – My Heart Tells Me No
Ray (Rock) Hudson and Margie Short – Let’s Take The Long Way Home Tonite
Charlie “Sugartime” Phillips – Ballad Of Bill Jones
Jimmy Newman – The Devil Was Laughing At Me
Jack Elliott – Shenango
Les And His Western Playboys – Why Pretend
Cousin Bob Nicholson – When The Moon Comes Over The Hill
Chuck Wood – She’s There When I Come Home
Horsefeathers – Down At The Guitar Store

Dollar Country, Ep. 86

Dollar Country Episode 086: A Newly Dug Grave (09/04/19)

Jimmy Martin – I Can’t Quite Cigarettes
Don Brown And The Ozark Mtn. Boys – The Dirt That You Throw
Buddy Pastuck – John F. Kennedy
Johnny Singer – Miller’s Cave
Chris And Roman – Armstrong, Aldrin And Collins
Tim’s Old Man – The Great Paul Bunyan
Eddie Noack – Sunflower Song
William Warren – Honky Tonk Home
Margie Singleton – My Picture Of You
Pauline Parker and Marilyn Kaye – My Old Fashioned Heart
Les York – Roane County Prisoner
Stoned Country – We Started Living (Again At Last)
Shag Weld – A Newly Dug Grave
Eldon Fault – Livin’ In The Lap Of Luxury
Jack Cardwell – The Death Of Hank Williams
Big Jim De Noone – Long Lost Girl
Charlie Dougherty & His Dixie Drifter’s – It’s No Wonder I Love You
Bill Smallwood – Rocky Mountain Oysters

Dollar Country, Ep. 85

Dollar Country Episode 085: I Don’t Wanta Be Rich (8/21/2019)

Sam Thompson – The Midnight Cowboy
Cecil Dale – Hobo Man
Tim’s Old Man – I Don’t Want A Be Rich
Clyde Lumpkins – Queen Of Skid Row
Cowboy Howard Vokes – This Prison I’m In
Margie Singleton – Not What He’s Got
Paul Blunt – Down At Willie Nelson’s Picnic
Gene Gasaway – Witch’s Spell
Buddy Pruitt & The Roughnecks – Oil Field Gamblin’
Billy Brown – Drunk – Drunk Again
David (Butch) Rinderle – Young Men’s War
Jefferson County Bluegrass Boys – The Craziest War Of The Universe
Country Continentals – Rocky Road Of Love
Werly Fairburn – Spiteful Heart
Butch Stover – A Man’s Work Is Never Done
Sam Collins – Hard Times Have Hit My Heart Again
Jim Sullivan – Flub The Dub