Dollar Country

Dollar Country, Ep. 143

The Osborne Brothers and Red Allen – Love Pains
Sally Marcum – Go Go Girls
Gene Tyndall – Whipporwill Serenade
Chuck Price – Sweet Peace Of Mind
Whitey Carson – Ramblin’ Eyes (Gamblin Heart)
Rube Rogers – Ten In The Book
Cordell Roberts – The Man Who Walked Eight Miles
Ray Holly – I’ll Take The Blame
Linda Webb – Running Around On Me Blues
Bill Brown – The Heart That You’ve Been Walkin’ On
Lester Rose – Wino Blues
Sylvia Stevens – Standing On The Outside
Leon Payne – Fatal Letter
Jimmy Parks – Mary, Dear
Barb & the Country Persuaders – Alone Again
The Owens Brothers & The Dixie Strings – Heart Don’t Cry
Tex Owens – Walking In The Sunshine Of Our Love

Dollar Country, Ep. 142

Roy Kelly – I’m A Driver For The A.T.A.
Jerry Evans – I’m Walking The Dog
Tom McDonald – Diesel 303
Johnny Mitchum – Prettiest Little Girl In Arkansaas
Linda Manning – The Girl From Saginaw Michigan
Kenny Holiday – We Always Want What We Can’t Have
Hoyle Miller – Twelve Years On Death Row
The Eddy Trio with Jimmy Derr – You’re Gonna Break My Heart
Vikkie Louise and Jimmy West – Fearless Fred
Dub Jones – Born To Be Lonesome
Hal Kapper & Rhythm Playboys – Echoes Whisper Your Name
Bonnie Lois – Poison Honey
Bob Fryfogle – Six Feet Under
Junie Lou – Mountain Gold
Sally Shearer & The 101 Ranch Boys – Time Will Heal My Broken Heart
Tex Wayne – I’d Clime The Highest Mountain
Earl Hughes – Mechanical Bull Riding Cowboy

Dollar Country, Ep. 141

Dollar Country Episode 141: Government Cheese
Air: 7/7/21-7/13/21

Bud & Red – All God’s Children
The Manuels – No Salt On The Beans
Red Reeves – They Don’t Pick Cotton In Chicago
Larry Good & The Countrymen – This Old Broken Heart Of Mine
Johnny Selph – My Gal’s Outa Her Tree Again
Jean Sackett – Seven Beers
Jim Bledsoe and The Manuwells – Goverment Cheese
Drryl Jacobs And The Dixie Revelers – Tomorrow Will Be Your Wedding
The Wagoners – Lay Down Your Head (And Cry)
Marla Mason – Walk The Floor
Charlie Davis – Satisfied Mind
Jim McCall & Benny Birchfield – Divorced But Not Free
The Chiva Bus Bluegrass Band – Digging The Panama Canal
Al Perry – What Ever Turns You On (Is All Right With Me)
Carl Phillips – I Read You Loud And Clear
Ernie Ashworth – Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor
Chuck Penny – Florida Man
Frank Hamilton – Cincinnati’s Rose

Dollar Country, Ep. 139

Dollar Country Episode 139: Act Naturally

Gary McCray and Tanglewood – Eye Tooth
Larry Good – Money Troubles
Bobby Hughes – Let The Phone Ring One Time
Pete R. Laumbach – A Day To Remember
Benny Sherwood – Until Frankie Says Yes
Ikey Sweat – I Could Never Pass A Honky Tonk
Jim Webb – When You Snooze You Lose
Bobby Denver – Act Naturally
Judy Hall – My Old Used To Be
Jim Owen – The Key’s In The Mail Box
Paula Fowler – You Won’t Find The Answer
Roy Baker and The Gospel Tones – The Tornado Disasters
Bill Swyck and the Flap-Jack Band – The Great Stampede
Faron Young – That’s What I’d Do For You
Don Eddings – Bottles That Surround Me
Bobby Boyle – On A Mountain High
Clyde Moody – Some Day You’ll Remember
Riley Crabtree – Big Man

Dollar Country, Ep. 138

Dollar Country Episode 138: Night Time Blues

Bluegrass Ervin – I Won’t Cry Alone
Bobby Payne and Ichabod with The Blue Ridge Mountain Boys – Blue Ridge Mountain Blues
Slim Dossey – Gotta Roll, Gotta Ramble
Carl Stanton – Appalachian Mountains
Jack Lykins and The Country Squires – My Leah
Carolyn Terral with Tina Arthur and The Entertainers – These Prison Walls
Sally Massey – Set Me Free
Garland Frady – Me My Brother Lee & (My Sister Pat)
Mikes Lunsford – The Deal
The Osborne Brothers and Red Allen – My Aching Heart
Lowell Webb – Getting Ready
Paula Flower – My Greatest Surprise
Nite Hawks – Night Time Blues
The Burd Boys – Say It’s Not You
Rita Lorraine – It Wasn’t Got Who Made Honky Tonk Angels
Jimmy Strickland – If You Talk In Your Sleep
Frank Necessary and The Stone Mountain Boys – Long Black Veil
Rocky Lane – Prisoner At The Bar

Dollar Country, Ep. 137

Midwest Digging Trip, 2021

Arthur Smith – Redheaded Stranger
Jimmie Skinner – One Dead Man Ago
Webb Foley – Vacation Time
Margie Bowes – Are You Teasing Me
Malcum Brumley and Jimmie Jeane – Scars On My Heart
Dan Jones – The Little Country School
Wee Willie Shantz – Coo Coo Bird
Al Runyon – Waiting For A Train
Hank The Drifter – Hank Williams Ghost
Glen Morris & Larry Sanders – Jewel Of The Hills
Helen Carter – Set The Wedding
Vernon Stewart – Stay In My Arms As You Stay In My Heart
Mack Fields – Bowling Ball Blues
Joyce Lowrance and Earney Vandagriff – Hush Money
Dick Childress – Wicked Path Of Sin
Bob Willis – I’ll Be Alright In The Morning
Lou Smith – Close To My Heart

Dollar Country, Ep. 136

Dollar Country Episode 136: All Instrumentals
Air: 6/2/21-6/8/21

Jimmy Bryant and the Country Cabin Boys – Ivy Fast Draw
Carroll County Boys – Carroll County Boogie
Leon McAuliffe – Blue Man’s Blues
The Texans – Bloody River
Walter Davis & Marvin McDaniel – Banjo Clog
Lori Christopher – Chicken Blues
Bobby Garrett – Rose City Chimes
Cecil Campbell – Steel Guitar Jamboree
Eddie Nash – Ghost Town Rag
Gene Maness and the Conesauga Troubedours – Floodwaters
Jake & Josh – Just Joshing
Jimmy Collins & Big Jim De Noon – Straight Shift
The Hensley Family – Soldiers Joy
Bob Bethel – Twisted Fiddle
The Hardin Twins – Flint Hill Special
Colleen Hogue – Heck Among The Yearlings
Andy Doll – Wait
Young Country – Ghost Riders

Dollar Country, Ep. 134

Miller Brothers – Back Roads
Rollie Webber – Painting The Town
Coleman O’Neal – Have A Laugh On Me
Gene And Martha Burns – Wonder Who
Dick Miller & The Rhythmasters – Cigarettes And Coffee Blues
Denny Ferguson – Playboy
Betty Lee – When
Bey Ireland – Hello Pillow
Elmer Snodgrass and The Musical Pioneers – Sidelines
Kenny Holiday – Hitchhiker
Rick Newton – Mother Trucker
Ruby Wright – Billy Broke My Heart At Walgreens
Bob Turner – Local Weekly News
Tommy Riddle And His Melody Rangers – When You Kiss Me Darling
Bob Turner – 3-2 Leaves Blue
George Riddle – King Of Country Music
Joey Farr – Going Back To Louisiana
Rex North – Big Foot

Dollar Country, Ep. 133

Dollar Country Episode 133: It’s Nothing To Me (5/12/21)
Release: 5/12/21 – 5/18/21

Arcadia Valley Boys – Arkansas Dollar
The Echoettes – Sears Roebuck Catalog
Chuck Holder – Katy Bar The Door
Pat & Darrell – Hippie Dippy Dan
Hank Jolley – Keep Cool But Don’t Freeze
Willis Meyers – Headin’ For Armageddon
Johnny Blue & The Pelfrey Bros – Lonesome Mountain
Don Reason – Time On My Hands
Ernie Chaffin – Set’em Up Joe
Red Kirk – It’s Nothing To Me
Golden K Ranch Boys – Glass Of Wine And Turn The Juke Box On
Carl Stevens – Queen Of Skid Row
Stanley Brothers – Little Maggie
Lori Lee Woods – Be What You Want To Be
Jimmy Williams – I Just Had A Bar Of Soap
Jim Kandy – The Only Girl For Me
Arlie Duff – Lie Detector
Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen – Lost In The Ozone

Dollar Country, Ep. 131

Dollar Country Episode 131: Mainline

Tex Thurman – I’m Having My Laugh Now
Eddie Noack – Scarecrow
Big Jim Edwards – So Undecided
Ralph Chamberlain – You’ll Be The Sad One
Buddy Pruitt – Who Am I Fooling
Glenn Thompson – King Of The Endless Highways
The Moonlighters – Mainline
The Elder Brothers – In Echo Canyon
Ted Doyle – Just One More Glass
Bill Snow and Sonny Woodring – The Hands You’re Holding Now
Bob Eaton – Don’t You Know Me Anymore
Tex Zario – Between The Lines
Bink Burns – Muddy River
Jimmy Work – I Never Thought I Have The Blues
The Combinations – Here’s To Love Again
Troy Hess – Little Nita
Baker Brothers – The Mine Explosive
Buck “Pepper” Jones – Don’t Pity Me