Hour Of The Riff, Ep. 164

We’ve got more new music to spice up your isolation, including tracks from the recent and upcoming releases of Sky Valley Mistress, The Heavy Eyes, King Buffalo, Psyclops and Forming The Void and we’ve got something from Spiritual Beggars’ “Demons”, which turns 15 this week!

Hour Of The Riff, Ep. 163

Seems like the coronavirus is shutting everything down….but it can’t shut down the riffs! We’ve got new music from Twin Wizard, Bone Church, Humulus, Child and Slift on this week’s show and we take a look at some of the bands on Spinda Records because they are selling their entire 32 album discography on bandcamp right now for the INSANE price of 60 cents!! If that’s not enough to get you through self isolation then I don’t know what will!

Hour Of The Riff, Ep. 162

Another episode, another new music playlist on Hour of the Riff with Beggar and Orphans of Doom bringing the heavy, 1000mods and Brant Bjork bringing the stoner jams and Huntsmen bringing a prog metal epic. All new riffs from 2020.

Hour Of The Riff, Ep. 161

On Saturday I watched Green Lung and 1968 tearing it up in Glasgow and it got me thinking about how good the UK stoner doom scene is at the moment. HINT: It’s really good. So here’s a playlist filled with UK bands, with new music from Duskwood, InTechnicolour, Ritual King and Hair of the Dog and a few from one of our heaviest record labels, APF Records.

Hour Of The Riff, Ep. 159

Brand New Hour Of The Riff hits hard right here!!! And by hard hitting, here’s what we can tell you about today’s show. Jonny is bringing the FIRST LISTEN of Zakk Sabbath’s cover of “Evil Woman” taken from their re-recording of Black Sabbath for the 50th anniversary. He’s also got loads of new music from StonusLowriderElephant TreeDisastroid and Pale Mare.

Here’s a bit more about today’s premiere, from Blasko… the band has re-recorded the first Black Sabbath album in it’s entirety for a limited edition release via Magnetic Eye Records. This is a stand alone single of Evil Woman that was the first Black Sabbath single released in the UK. It will be released on 12 inch vinyl soon but Hour of the Riff was given the exclusive first spin.

Hour Of The Riff, Ep. 158

It’s a bit of a world tour on this week’s episode of Hour of the Riff, starting in Greece with Villagers of Ioaninna City and finishing in Singapore with Marijannah. There’s new music in the middle from Italy, India and The Netherlands, from Jackie Treehorn Ave., Diarchy and Baardvader so get your passports ready for a world tour of riffs!

Hour Of The Riff, Ep. 157

One month down and 2020 has already delivered some meaty goods. This week’s batch comes from Baardvader, Fostermother, Paradise, Rough Spells and Goatriders!

Hour Of The Riff, Ep. 156

January isn’t even over and we’ve got new music flying at us at all angles. We finally get clearance to play the first single from Lowrider’s superb ‘Refractions’ album, there’s previews of the new ones from Ritual King and Mount Hush too, while Second-Hand Apes and Elden just dropped depth charges with their latest efforts. Don’t worry, The Riff has you covered.

Hour Of The Riff, Ep. 155

We’re going to need a huge Ace Ventura style intake of breath to list off the bands with new music on this week’s playlist so here goes *inhaaaaaaaaaaaale* Vessel, Grandpa Jack, Weddings, Uubbuurruu, Mr. Bison, Spacetrucker, Electric Mother, Black Arcana and CobraThief. Pheeeeew. And there’s more after that. Hit play on Episode 155 and hear what you’re missing out on.

Hour Of The Riff, Ep. 154

2020’s new music is starting to roll in and Hour of the Riff Episode 154 is here to aim it straight into your earholes. Check out tracks from new and upcoming releases from Pink Cigs, Sky Valley Mistress, Big Scenic Nowhere, Acid Mammoth and Woorms and get excited for the year ahead.