Hour of the Riff

Hour Of The Riff – Episode 218

We were shocked to hear of the passing of Q Ball, drummer and singer for Bacchus Baracus, at the weekend. A huge loss and a sad day for the Scottish stoner rock scene. As a tribute, Hour of the Riff 218 closes out with their jam ‘Sweet Smell’ and also brings you brand new music from Boss Keloid, Big Scenic Nowhere, High Reeper and Glöd.

Hour of the Riff, Ep. 217

Step into the near future with previews of the new King Buffalo, Red Fang, Bongzilla and Stöner (feat. Brant Bjork and Nick Oliveri) albums on Hour of the Riff #217.

Hour of the Riff, Ep. 215

Yes, that is a Simpsons version of Sleep’s Dopesmoker. It’s also the album art for the new Dr. Colossus record coming this May and you can hear the new single Pickabar, along with the latest from Dunbarrow, Alastor, Clouds Taste Satanic and more on Hour of the Riff Episode 215

Hour of the Riff, Ep. 214

Episode 214 brings you new music from Ripple Music (Thunder Horse and Moon Coven), some awesome Swedish stoner metal from Haxmastaren and the latest from Greece with new tracks from 2 Headed Dogs and Khirki.

Hour of the Riff, Ep. 213

Episode 213 begins with some Entombed, as a tribute to the late LG Petrov and follows it up with the latest tracks from Acid Mammoth, Greenleaf and newcomers Pale Keeper.

Hour of the Riff, Ep. 212

It starts off with some funky grooves from Rostro Del Sol but then Hour of the Riff Episode 212 descends into heavy chaos with new music from Cosmic Reaper, Domkraft, Spliffripper and Black Totem.

Hour of the Riff, Ep. 211

2021 is now in full flow. The new music is starting to overload. Hour of the Riff 211 has you covered, with tracks from Conifer Beard, DVNE, Dopelord, Stonus, Jakethehawk and more.

Hour of the Riff, Ep. 210

Roll up! Roll up! Get your new music fix with DayGlo Mourning, Mother Iron Horse, Electric Mother, Vintage Caravan and more!

Hour of the Riff, Ep. 209

New Spelljammer AND Bongzilla on the same episode? Woaaah.

Hour of the Riff, Ep. 208

It’s yet another all new music playlist on Hour of the Riff, this time featuring Greenleaf, Sunnata, Here Lies Man and Genghis Tron.