Single Release Special!

Steve Covington & The Humble Strays – “Cold Comes Again”

A special interview and acoustic jam with Steve Covington and The Humble Strays, leading into our debut of their new single, “Cold Comes Again”. You’ve never heard a performance quite like this on, and if you dig roots, Americana or ‘grass, you don’t want to miss it! Originally aired Saturday, Sept. 18, 2021.

Q & A with Heavy Temple

Q&A with Heavy Temple 

TR: Your record Lupi Amoris sounds killer. How did the crowds react to the new material on your recent tour? 

HT: Everyone was really hype. And the energy was incredible. Not sure if it’s cause they love the new record or because we haven’t been able to go to shows for so long, but I like to think it’s the former.

TR: Was there any music on your road trip that made repeat plays on the van stereo? 

HT: Hmm, not sure if there were any repeats, but we had a pretty good mix. Anthrax, Slayer, some Last Podcast on the Left, Fela Kuti, King Gizzard, Black Angels, Grand Funk. Stay tuned for a tour van playlist.

TR: What is the next step for Heavy Temple? 

HT: With all this time off we’ve written a lot of new material, so another album is definitely in order. We have a few more shows lined up for the rest of the year, but the primary focus will be recording.

TR: Your social media presence is fun to watch! Where can someone find you and your music? 

HT: Our music is streaming pretty much everywhere, but we prefer people support through Bandcamp. Admittedly I hate social media, but Instagram is the best way to keep up with us.

TR: Any additional info or other promotions you want to add that we did not discuss? 

HT: Just stay tuned cause we have some sick shit lined up!

Max Wax Live, Vol. 102

Special Guest Host – JIMS!!!

So stoked to finally have gotten through August and have gotten to a place where my show will resume in it’s weekly spot, regularly. And tonight is going to be KILLER! Guest host tonight is Jims Snowden, frontman of JIMS, who’s new album “Sentimental Health” on Iron Fest Records just dropped on Friday! It’s awesome, fresh and wicked good… so, we’re spinning some of it, along with a crazy and eclectic mix out his massive vinyl stash! Recorded Live on Sept. 1, 2021 at 8PM EST, in the Trendkill Radio Studio.

Max Wax Live, Vol. 97

Special Guest Host: Steve Covington

Last night was wild! He may front an Americana, Roots, Folk band, but this evening you’ll find out what my buddy Steve, of Steve Covington and The Humble Strays, grew up cutting his teeth on. My favorite part of having artists on the show is finding out what THEY dig, so I can’t wait to get the turntables spinning and get Steve grinnin’. Recorded LIVE, ON-AIR from 8-10 EST, June 9, 2021.

Max Wax, Vol. 93 w/ Book of Wyrms

Mack’s joined by Jake and Sarah Lindsley from Book of Wyrms to talk about their new album, “Occult New Age”, songwriting, their band and to jam some of their favorites from both their work and the music the shaped them.

Common Threads, Vol. 1

Mack here… I have a new show that explores the ties that bind those in the music trade, of all sorts, together in a common mission of sharing the experience that music brings. It’s called “Common Threads” and I’m stoked to share it with my fellow music lovers. My first guest is Ian Noe, who just dropped his first major release, “Between the Country”. If you like raw, gritty storytelling, then this guy’s for you. We explore the songwriting process, the musical output of Kentucky, the creation of the album and much, much more.