Jackie Zee

Jackie Zee, Ep. 49

Long time no hear! Jackie Zee is back on Trendkill Radio, presenting eight fuzzy rock songs, by bands discovered on Bandcamp during this crazy first half of the year. Featuring Montecristo, Super SnakeRazorburn CityLunar SwampMindustParalyzedLord Vapour and Brunt! We’ve missed Jackie Zee… come let your ears tell you why!

00:40 Montecristo (IT) – Avrah Ka Dabra (The St. Lazarus Sessions 2018)
06:30 Super Snake (US) – Do You Need Me, Honey? (Volume 4: Influenza Forever 2019)
11:10 Razorburn City (US) – Dead Load (Razorburn City EP 2019)
16:47 Lunar Swamp (IT) – Shamanic Owl (UnderMudBlues 2020)
24:20 Mindust (ES) – Escape Velocity (Taking Off 2013)
31:40 Paralyzed (DE) – Hidden Sun (Hidden Sun 2019)
39:24 Lord Vapour (GG) – Through The Doors Of Kukundu (Semuta 2018)
47:11 Brunt (GG) – The Grauballe Man (Ataraxy 2019)

Jackie Zee, Ep. 48

Welcome to the 8th edition of Jackie Zee’s ongoing series of Long Songs! Tonight there will be four songs during the hour long episode, all taken from the amazing Postwax series from Blues Funeral Recordings! Tune in for Domkraft, Big Scenic Nowhere, Elder and Lowrider!

Jackie Zee Mondays 7pm EST/1am CET @ trendkillradio.com

01:11 Domkraft (SE) – Through The Ashes (Slow Fidelity, Nov 2019)

10:22 Big Scenic Nowhere (US) – Dying on the Mountain Pt 1 / Altered Ages / Dying on the Mountain Pt 2 (Dying On The Mountain, Sept 2019)

31:50 Elder (US/DE) – Weißensee (The Gold & Silver Sessions, July 2019)

50:16 Lowrider (SE) – Pipe Rider (Refractions, Feb 2020)

Jackie Zee, Ep. 47

It’s here! The week of Halloween. Join Jackie Zee as she plays some dark themed songs in anticipation of the best holiday of the year!
Jackie Zee on trendkillradio.com Mondays @ 7pm EST/1 am CET

00:15 Screaming Lord Sutch (UK) – Murder In The Graveyard
03:39 Black Mountain (CA) – (Over And Over) The Chain (IV 2016)
12:02 Dopethrone (CA) – Dark Foil (Dark Foil 2011)
18:35 The Devil And The Almighty Blues (NO) – The Ghosts Of Charlie Barracuda (s/t 2015)
26:42 Ordos (SE) – House Of The Dead (House Of The Dead 2017)
33:23 Zeal & Ardor (CH/US) – Blood In The River (Devil Is Fine 2016)
36:56 Lady Lizard (MT) – Statues Of Bone (Lady Lizard 2018)
44:23 Diamond Skull (AT) – Dark Wings (Sleepless 2018)
49:29 Heavydeath (SE) – Sarcophagus In The Sky (Sarcophagus In The Sky 2017)

Jackie Zee, Ep. 46

September is wrapping up and Jackie Zee brings forth some of the best new metal to have landed these past few months – and days. Very fresh and very heavy!

Jackie Zee on trendkillradio.com Mondays @ 7pm EST/1am CET

00:41 Wykan (CA) – Imbolc (The Cleansing) (Brigid – Of The Night 2019)
07:58 Dö (FI) – Beyond The Cosmic Horizon (Astral Death Cult 2019)
13:48 Bleeding Mountains (SE) – Cold Nation (Path Of Struensee) (Illumination 2019)
22:43 Firebreather (SE) – We Bleed (Under A Blood Moon 2019)
29:27 Lochness (CA) – Alien Deep (Black Smokers 2019)
40:14 Mammoth Storm (SE) – Shores Of The Dead (Alruna 2019)
47:20 Astrosaur (NO) – Homewards (Obscuroscope 2019)

Jackie Zee, Ep. 45

Time for another edition, the 7th, of Jackie Zee’s ongoing series of Long Songs! Four songs, quite different from each other but each a universe to lose yourself in. Tune in for space rock, slow doom, kraut and psychedelic rock.

00:27 Domboshawa (SE) – Light Seed (Fyra 2019)
19:26 Witchfinder (FR) – Satan’s Haze (Hazy Rites 2019)
30:26 Monkey3 (CH) – Ellipsis (Sphere 2019)
44:08 Stone Rebel (FR) – Queen Of Rain (Dreams & Illusions 2018)

Jackie Zee, Ep. 44

Continuing from last episode, Jackie Zee plays brand new music. This time with only Swedish bands, and with two songs from albums not yet released.

00:33 Gloson – Equinox (Mara 2019)
08:13 Ordos – Embrace The Dark (The End 2019)
16:10 Mammoth Storm – Alruna (Alruna 2019)
23:55 Orsak:Oslo – I’ll Meet You There (Ghost Gear 2019)
32:35 Heavydeath – The Newborn (single 2019)
49:41 Rymdstyrelsen – Asteroids (Space Is Cold 2019)

Jackie Zee, Ep. 43

Time to look at what’s new in Jackie Zee’s collection! Tonight seven songs from newly released albums will be played by the show – and as usual it is on Bandcamp you will find it all! 

00:33 Dun Ringill (SE) – Welcome To The Fun Fair Horror Time Machine (Welcome 2019)
09:15 Valley Of The Sun (US) – Into The Abyss (Old Gods 2019)
15:52 Skånska Mord (SE) – Simon Says (Blues From The Tombs 2019)
23:23 Monocluster (DE) – Home (Ocean 2019)
34:46 Heavy Cross Of Flowers (PO) – Dead On Drugs (Heavy Cross Of Flowers 2019)
44:34 NNRA (FR) – 3rd Movement (Incarne 2019)
52:02 Cracked Machine (UK) – Jormungandr (The Call Of The Void 2019)

Originally aired on Trendkill Radio – 6/2/19

Jackie Zee, Ep. 42

Continuing from last week’s episode Jackie Zee plays only swedish bands tonight, and all tracks are their respective album’s opener! Last week’s very heavy bill is now contrasted with some rockier and spacier stuff. Tune in for JIRM, Asteroid, Blues Pills, Oxe, Svvamp, Graveyard, Lowrider, Långfinger, Orsak:Oslo and Yuri Gagarin.

00:49 Jeremy Irons & The Ratgang Malibus – Fog By The Steep (Spirit Knife 2014)

11:17 Asteroid – Pale Moon (III 2016)

17:27 Blues Pills – High Class Woman (Blues Pills 2014)

21:54 Svvamp – Serpent In The Sky (Svvamp 2015)

24:55 Oxe – Ride Out (EP 2013)

29:14 Graveyard – Ain’t Fit To Live Here (Hisingen Blues 2011)

32:18 Lowrider – Caravan (Ode To Io 2000)

35:46 Långfinger – Feather Beader (Crossyears 2016)

41:02 Orsak:Oslo – Flodvåg (Flodvåg 2017)

49:00 Yuri Gagarin – First Orbit (Yuri Gagarin 2013)