Sessions with Jimbo, Ep. 248

HAIRNATION 1st of all, a big ups to Chuck Mann for the sweet promo pic. As the sign says, tonight is HairNation night on Sessions With Jimbo!! I have a decent lineup of some of my faves, as well as some deep cuts. So join me with or without the spandex and hairspray, and I…

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Sessions with Jimbo, Ep. 247

DILLASTYLZ Tonight I bring J DILLA.By far my favorite producer in the hip hop scene.Born James Dewitt Yancey, 2/72-2/06, he blessed the scene with his outstanding abilities to create perfect beats and music that the hip hop world had never heard. So join me as I bring just a handful of his mastery with some…

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Sessions with Jimbo, Ep. 233

Metalcore Tonight on Sessions With Jimbo #233. We dive deep into some heavy shit. Disclaimer: If you can’t stand heavy, in your face, dirty, filthy Metal then you might not want to tune in. Those of you who do like that shit join me at 9PM Eastern. I’m going to slap your ears and destroy…

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