Live From the Art Mine, Vol. 4

Featuring JIMS! Air Date – 12.05.21 JIMS has just released one of the best records of the year and you’ll be amazed for the entire one hour show. It was too good in person, so stay tuned for tickets to the next Art Mine show!

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Max Wax Live, Vol. 107

The Music of Iron Fest 2021 Mack is joined live, in the studio, by the killer band JIMS for a deep dive into the bands playing the 12th Annual Ironfest, a 2 night rock, metal, punk and all kinds of loudness festival this weekend at The Southgate House Revival! With 3 stages going all weekend,…

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Max Wax Live, Vol. 102

Special Guest Host – JIMS!!! So stoked to finally have gotten through August and have gotten to a place where my show will resume in it’s weekly spot, regularly. And tonight is going to be KILLER! Guest host tonight is Jims Snowden, frontman of JIMS, who’s new album “Sentimental Health” on Iron Fest Records just…

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