Hour of the Riff, Ep. 205

Hour Of The Riff is ready with a brand new episode to inject the heaviness into your day. Want to discover the best new metal on the planet, including the new Appalooza , Komatsu and Jakethehawk records? We’re about to lift off!

Hour of the Riff, Ep. 203

The final show of 2020 features favourite tracks from the Hour of the Riff listeners! Tracks chosen by:
Topi Petrus
Tom Maene
Ben Groll
Martyn Birchall
Brien Montgomery
AS Rockdog
Vagg Oikonomou
Pieroo Lefoo

Hour of the Riff, Ep. 202

It’s the Hour of the Riff Top 10 of 2020 Show!!!

Hour of the Riff, Ep. 201

Hour of the Riff is back and on the road to 300! In this week’s episode, we squeeze the dregs out of 2020 with new tunes from Superlord, Green Druid and Lord Drunkalot and take a look at 2021 with previews of the Starified, Sonic Flower and Jakethehawk albums.