Sessions with Jimbo

Sessions with Jimbo, Ep. 233


Tonight on Sessions With Jimbo #233. We dive deep into some heavy shit. Disclaimer: If you can’t stand heavy, in your face, dirty, filthy Metal then you might not want to tune in. Those of you who do like that shit join me at 9PM Eastern. I’m going to slap your ears and destroy your mind with sounds from the following:

Slaughter To Prevail Baba Yaga, Gojira Backbone, Thy Art Is Murder The Purest Strain of Hate, Parkway Drive Idols and Anchors, Born of Osiris Brace Legs, BRAND OF SACRIFICE Life Blood, Heaven Shall Burn Endzeit, Bodysnatcher Take Me to Hell, Texas In July Hook Line &Sinner, Fit For An Autopsy Fear Tomorrow, As Blood Runs Black My Fears Have Become Phobias, Whitechapel Black Bear, In Flames Alias & Lorna Shore To Hell Fire

Sessions with Jimbo, Ep. 232

I have returned to harass your ear holes once again. After a 2 week hiatus, I am back with another Metal show!! That’s right peeps.

Sessions with Jimbo, Ep. 229

Tonight’s show is The Back Side of 50!! Sitting around reminiscing about the old days is beginning to be a habit. So, I thought I’d put some music to my thoughts. Join me at 9PM Eastern for some great jams from some of my favorites.

Sessions with Jimbo, Ep. 227

Jimbo and Drew Pop Punk – Aired 6/11/2021

Tonight JIMANDDREW are back with another barn burner. That’s right people. Drew is back for a co hosting special. Tonight we will bring you some Pop Punk or Bubble Gum Punk is what I call it.