Sonic Collective

Sonic Collective, Ep. 81 – Neil Peart Tribute, Vol. 2

We’re celebrating Neil Peart again this week on The Sonic Collective. But with a twist. I’m playing HEAVY bands influenced by Rush and Neil Peart. I’ve got some Dream TheaterOpethBetween The Buried And Me and of course Rush. Swing in for some heavy prog metal!!

Sonic Collective, Ep. 80

Today on The Sonic Collective I am honoring The Professor, Neil Peart. I’ve got a couple jams from Rush and other influential prog bands from the 60’s and 70’s. We can call today’s show…..The Prog Collective. So join me today to celebrate one of the most influential drummers of all time and explore the genre they dominated (in my opinion) for decades.

Sonic Collective, Ep. 79

The Solo Collective

Today on The Sonic Collective were delving into the world of lead singers that have went solo/had solo projects after their main band. I’ve got some music from The SmithsBilly IdolRod Stewart, the list goes on. Is the grass always greener on the other side???

Sonic Collective, Ep. 77

 I’ve got some music to shove Old Saint Nick out of the picture and blaze into a New Year. So, check it out! Features tracks from QOTSA, Judas Priest, Kingdom Of Sorrow, Ministry, Corrosion Of Conformity and more.

Sonic Collective, Ep. 76

Loud, Heavy and Fast… just another killer show from Kane at the Sonic Collective! Featuring tracks from Flotsam And Jetsam, Iron Maiden, Suicidal Tendencies, Overkill, Nailbomb and more.

Sonic Collective, Ep. 75

It’s Black Friday!!! Wrong!! It’s BLACK METAL FRIDAY! Get your fill of holiday rushing around music! (Try not to kill anyone in line from blistering fast soundtrack!) So run, don’t walk!!! The black metal Friday deals will only be for an hour today! Featuring tracks from Watain, Marduk, Burzum, Behemoth, Darkthrone and more.

Sonic Collective, Ep. 74

Hail to the king baby. I’ve got a HEAVY hour for you today to jump start the weekend. How about some Megadeth, or some Judas Priest…..BUT WAIT!! THERE’S MORE!!  Official MotörheadPantera and Testament. Come in and get some whiplash!!

Sonic Collective, Ep. 73 – Halloween 2019


Dead Cross, The Ghastly Ones, Misfits, Southern Culture On The Skids, Fantomas and more.

Sonic Collective, Ep. 72

We all love metal….But, how about when metal bands play “not so metal” music? We of course love that too! So on today’s show I’ve got metal bands and members from metal bands playing “not so metal” music. I’ve got some killer tunes from Philip H. Anselmo‘s newest band En MinorSoulfly and Danzig. It’s gonna be a mellow time brought to you by dudes who bring you the heavy!

Sonic Collective, Ep. 70

Where were you in 1970? Myself? I was -8 years old. I’m on episode 70 this week. So I thought I’d do some music that was released in 1970. SO MUCH good music. Featuring The Kinks, Chicago, The Doors, Elton John, John Lennon and more.