The Desert

The Desert, Ep. 130

On this episode, some shout outs to new listeners and a 70’s trip through Ireland and the UK.

The Desert, Ep. 129

On this episode, we delve in 90’s nostalgia, funk and 70s rock… Time to put those dancing shoes on!

The Desert, Ep. 128

On this episode, we’re all over the place with electro, punk, surf, heavy, prog, psych, old and new… Just the way you like it.

The Desert, Ep. 127

On this episode, a brand new track from Dinosaur Jr. , punk and metal classics, trippy psych and groovy 70s… What a ride!

The Desert, Ep. 126

On this episode, we bring you heavy 70’s ringers and new and upcoming music from MontrĂ©al.

The Desert, Ep. 125

On this episode, we start things on a groovy trippy wave that crashes into brutality…

The Desert, Ep. 124

On this episode, we drive right into groovy tunes with our pedal to the metal, windows down, stereo blaring… You do NOT want to miss that one.

The Desert, Ep. 121

Mucky is losing his mind and made a soundtrack to accompany it!