The Desert

The Desert, Ep. 120

On this episode, we go down a very fuzzy memory lane and play many songs from a compilation made for a friend in need.

Eric Burdon & The Animals – When I was young

Kyuss – Gardenia
Lowrider – Lamenesha
Nebula – Fall of Icarus
Fu Manchu – Evil eye

The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower – Drake the flake
Mr. Bungle – Methematics

Not Of – Untitled (SND cover)
Ogimaa – Six foot foam skull/With my pitchfork (SND cover)
Cursed – Friends in the music business
Shallow North Dakota – This apparatus must be earthed/The lubber

The Desert, Ep. 119


On this episode, we start the weekend early with great songs and memories of a falling friend.

The Desert, Ep. 118

Tonight on The Desert, no more tv, no more news, all tunes cranked to the max!Tonight on starting at 7PM EST, instead of going nuts, we turn off the tv and crank up the tunes…

The Desert, Ep 117

On this episode… a little bit of this, a little bit of that, it all comes up to this, like a drop of a hat…
… Oh yeah, brand new EYEHATEGOD, Cellos, Conan and Deadsmoke also!

The Desert, Ep. 116

Tonight on The Desert, we’re back at it with our first show of the year, so kick back and enjoy. Also, a friend in need is a friend indeed so please give a little 🙂Earth – A plague of angelsNana Mouskouri – Prisonier dans l’ileAguaturbia – Ah ah ah ay KOZA – Leeches Seum – Saliva bath Fátima – Raining bricks USA Nails – Dumb of choice CHERUBS – Breath C Cell Press – Dead at OACICrux of Aux – Holy books Shallow North Dakota – Milk man

The Desert, Ep. 115


Tonight on The Desert, it’s all about keyboards!

Lucifer – Solomon’s ring
Kraftwerk – Heavy metal kids
Modulo 1000 – Turpe est sinecrine caput
Tangerine Dream – Cloudburst flight
Bruce Haak – Word game
500 FT. of Pipe – Wear it out
The Dead Weather – Are ‘friends’ electric?
Zombi – Surface to air
Sula Bassana – Sandwaves

The Desert, Ep. 114


Tonight on The Desert, we’re all over the place with classics form different era and a brand new release by Cell Press!
Sir Lord Baltimore – Kingdom comeBuffalo – Sunrise (come my way)Flower Travellin’ Band – Satori Pt.1Power Of Zeus – It couldn’t be meT2 – CDCell Press – Desert breathEYEHATEGOD – Agitation!Propaganda!Sick Of It All – Inner visionHeart Attack – From what I seeGang Green – Skate to hellDidjits – Who’s ready to get high?The Dwarves – Fuck you up and get highLes Psycho Riders – Le son d’un mondeThe Hives – Supply & demandThe Horrors – Gloves(the) Melvins – Let it be

The Desert, Ep. 113


Halloween is not over as we celebrate it with great covers of songs you might know or not by bands you might know or not… Trick or treat smelly feet!

The Desert, Ep. 112

On this episode it’s all about German 70s bands and brand new stuff from Clouds Taste Satanic​ and Fuzz! Blow your mind… BLOW YOUR SPEAKERS!

The Desert, Ep. 111

Tonight on The Desert, obscure bands from the past and we barely scratch the surface of the Doomed & Stoned in Wales compilation…

Floating Bridge – Watch your step
Aunt Mary – I wish I could
Budgie – Nude disintegrating parachutist woman
Proud Flesh – All in vain
Fear Itself – Born under a bad sign
M W W B – Les paradis artificiels
Lacertilia – Round & round
Obey Cobra – Dim beak
Brain Tumors – Punk will kill us all