The Desert

The Desert, Ep. 92

Same old new and new old stuff to keep you sane and fill you ears with great riffs and your soul with rock…

The Desert, Ep. 91

We’re taking another trip to The Desert tonight at 7PM EST, Midnight GMT… and you’d be best off to join us on our escape! Mucky’s bringing along a crate of killer tracks from CHERUBSCouch SlutLowriderAtomic Vulture and way more, so prepare to trip…

The Desert, Ep. 90

Move the furniture and put your dancing shoes on ‘cuz we’re blowing steam off with great tunes!

The Desert, Ep. 89

The Desert is hitting the airwaves again, with a brand new show! Bringing you everything from The Beatles to Fu Manchu, it is time close your eyes, relax and enjoy another great trip…

The Desert, Ep. 88

Cold and rainy at the Trendkill Studio, so we’re stoked that Mucky is bringing another trip to The Desert tonight! Tune in to get through another night of quarantine, with jams from the Scorpions, Radio MoscowSnowchildNebulaClutch and way more! Balls out rock, wall to wall big sound, the only remedy for staying sane!

The Desert, Ep. 87

Right Now! We’ve got more great tunes from your favorite confinement radio station, with a brand new show from Mucky Pup! It’s time for The Desert! Stay safe, stay clean, stay sane…

Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band – Flower pot
Hawkwind – Time we left this world today
Skid Row – Go, I’ll neve let you
High Tide – Death warmed up
Iggy Pop – I’m bored
Dead Meadow (Official) – Beyond the fields we know
Oranssi pazuzu – Saturaatio
Deerhoof – Halfmole halfbird

The Desert, Ep. 86

What the world needs now is more Rock and Roll, which is exactly what Mucky’s bringing tonight on a brand new episode of The Desert! Hit Play Now, for some killer from Lard, Speed Dealer, Total Rejects, Ogimaa and a whole lot more! Basically, bringing you music so you don’t go crazy… maybe.

The Desert, Ep. 85

On this Brand New Episode of The Desert… Great measures are taken for your safety and great music is brought to you for your sanity. Mucky’s just trying to stay calm.

Cactus – One way or another
Poobah – Crazy
Josefus – Crazy man
Humble Pie – 30 Days in the hole
Dschinn – Freedom
Ramones – Mental hell
Hüsker Dü – Don’t want to know if you are lonely
(the) Melvins – Eyeflys
Hammerhead – Earth (I won’t miss it)
Brick – Ha ha ha
GRIZZLOR – Feeling like shit
Oozing Wound – Everything sucks and my life is a lie/Eruptor/Tachycardia

The Desert, Ep. 84

Shew… what a world we’re living in. Thank God for music and show hosts who bring their A-Game every. damn. week. Mucky’s back with a new trip to The Desert! It’s time to relax, with our toes in the sand…

The Beatles – Blue Jay way
Creedence Clearwater Revival – Suzie Q
Funkadelic – Maggot Brain (alt mix)
Pink Floyd – Echoes (Live at Pompeii)
Bad Brains – Attitude
Ramones – Today your love, tomorrow the world (mono)
Greg Sage & The Wipers – Over the edge
NoMeansNo – This wound will never heal

The Desert, Ep. 83

Brand New trip to The Desert for your quarantine entertainment needs this evening! Tune in for all kinds of new music, including new tracks from ArchdruidBlues Pills and Triggercut. Turn it up loud enough and kill the Covid-19 with ROCK!