Wake Up At The Other End Of The Universe

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 28-09-2021

Final episode of Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe radio show featuring the artists we played the most in the past 25 years! Cheers to everyone involved and to all listeners!

Playlist :
Monster Magnet : Ego, the Living Planet (Dopes to Infinity)
Hypnos 69 : Burning Ambition (Promise of A New Moon)
Motorpsycho : Plan Nr1 (Demon Box)
Circle : Nopeuskunigas (Sunrise)
Ufomammut : Odio (Snailking)
Monkey 3 : Electric Mistress (Monkey 3)
Brant Bjork : Automatic Fantastic (Jalamanta)
Siena Root : Good and Bad (Kaleidoscope)
Colour Haze : I Won’t Stop (Los Sounds de Krauts)
Pink Floyd : One of These Days (Meddle)
Sleep : Dragonaut (Holy Mountain)

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 21-09-2021

The end for the Wake Up radio shows is nigh. After 25 years of making this show we jointly decided to call it quits because of our reduced passion to fill a weekly hour and because of the change in how people listen to music these days. It’s been a great trip and we’ll keep on searching for music in our own universe. Hope you do to!

There will be one more radio show next week to conclude this Radio Scorpio broadcasting season.

Thanks to Radio Scorpio and Trendkill Radio for hosting us and thanks a million to all our listeners over the past years!

Darkthrone : Hate Cloak (Eternal Hails…)
Spiral Grave : Modern Day Golden Calf (Legacy of the Anointed)
Witchcryer : Hellmouth (When Their Gods Come For You)
Comet Control : Keep On Spinning (Inside The Sun)
The Doors : Not To Touch The Earth (Waiting For The Sun)
Hooded Menace : Chime Diabolicus (The Tritonus Bell)
Splendidula : Somnia (Somnus)
Trouble : The Wish (The Skull)

Artwork : Comet Control

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 14-09-2021

Krokofant : Watcher of the Fries (Fifth) Rune Grammofon
Elephant9 : Arrival of the New Elders (Arrival of the New Elders) Rune Grammofon
Year of No Light : Alétheia (Cosolamentum) Pelagic
Low Flying Hawks : Monster (Fuyu) Magnetic Eye
Delving : Wait and See (Hirschbrunnen) Stickman
Part Chimp : Dirty Bird (Drool) Wrong Speed/Learning Curve
Gracious! : The Dream (Gracious!) Vertigo

Artwork : Part Chimp

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe, 29-06-2021

Playlist :
Monster Magnet : When The Wolf Sits (A Better Dystopia) Napalm
Queens of the Stone Age : 18 AD (Burn One Up) Roadrunner
Hippie Death Cult : Red Meat Tricks (Circle of Days) Heavy Psych Sounds
Book Of Wyrms : Hollergoblin (Occult New Age) Desert
Jupiter Jefferson : Ice House (Jupiter Jefferson) Self Release
Mistreater : Lies – Graverobber (Hell’s Fire) On the Dole
Liquid Sound Company : And To Your Left…Neptune (Psychoactive Songs For The Psoul) Liquid Sound
Ultimate Spinach : Ego Trip (Ultimate Spinach) MGM
Amenra : Het Gloren (De Doorn) Relapse

Artwork: Burn One Up

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe, 22-06-2021

Delving : Delving (Hirschbrunnen) Stickman
Monomyth : Et oasis (Exo) Suburban
Pothamus : Viso (Raya) self
Five the Hierophant : Berceuse (Through Aureate Void) Dark Essence
Dans Dans : Naiad (Zink) Unday
Firefriend : Dead Icons (Dead Icons) Cardinal Fuzz
Gift : Drugs (Gift) Telefunken
Yodok III : For Seconds He Felt the Grandeur of Devastation (The Sky Flashes, the Great Sea Yearns) A New Wave of Jazz

Artwork : Delving

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe, 15-06-2021

Kohoutek : Cosmic Grease (Jurad) Cardinal Fuzz
Taras Bulba : The Green Eyes of A Dragon (Sometimes the Night) Riot Season
Ola Kvernberg : Arpy (Steamdome II : The Hypogean) Grappa
Pharaoh Overlord : Soil Horizons (5) Ektro
Hard Meat : Run Shaker Life (Hard Meat) Warner
Elara Sunstreak Band : Nexus (Vostok1) Sulatron

Artwork : Ola Kvernberg

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe, 08-06-2021

Psychonaut : The Great Realisation (Emerald) Pelagic  
Greenleaf : On Wings of Gold (Echoes from A Mass) Napalm Records
Danko Jones : Invisible (Sleep Is the Enemy) Bad Taste Records
Dvne : SI-XIV (Etemen Aenka) Metal Blade Records
King Buffalo : Loam (The Burden Of Restlessness) Stickman Records
Alice Cooper : Detroit City 2021 (Detroit Stories) EarMusicEdel AG 
Kiss : Cold Gin (Alive!) Casablanca Records
Methadone Skies : Western Luv ’67 (Retrofuture Caveman) Self Release

Artwork : Psychonaut

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 01-06-2021

This week we have the honour to offer you a selection of tunes chosen by Nicklas Barker from Anekdoten. Nicklas presents and comments on a very nice selection of Swedish 60s and 70s songs from his collection.

Life : Det Var Så Länge Sen (Same) Columbia/EMI
Kebnekajse : Balladen Om Björnbär & Nätmelon (III) Silence
Mecki Mark Men : Love Feeling (Same) Philips
International Harvester : Dies Irae/ Kristallen Den Fina (Sov Gott Rose-Marie/Hemåt) Love/Silence
Älgarnas Trädgård : Viriditas / Saturnus Ringar (Framtiden Är Ett Svävande Skepp Förankrat I Forntiden) Silence
Anna Själv Tredje : Ankomster Utanför Tiden (Tussilago Fanfara) Silence
Saga : I Ett Glashus (Same) Sonet
Kvartetten Som Sprängde : Gånglåt Från Valhallavägen (Kattvals) Gump
Mikael Ramel : Extra Vagansa (Extra Vagansa) Ljudspår/Sonet
Panta Rei : The Knight (Same) Harvest
Trettioåriga Kriget : Kaledoniska Orogenesen (Same) Epic
Charlie & Esdor : Grönt Är Skönt (Grönt Är Skönt 7” EP)

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 25-05-2021

Theme special : Free(dom) pt2

Black Mountain: Set Us Free
Sleepy Sun : Freedom Line
Elephant9 : Freedom’s Children
Baby Woodrose : Freedom
Nebula : Freedom
Agusa : Sorgenfri
Motorpsycho : For Free
Witchcraft : An Alternative to Freedom
Kyuss : Freedom Run
Los Natas : El Nuevo Orden de La Libertad
Free Nelson Mandoomjazz : Where My Soul Can Be Free
Fire! Orchestra : At Last I Am Free

Artwork : Baby Woodrose

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 18-05-2021

Theme special : Free(dom)

Spirit : Why Can’t I Be Free
Tasavallan Presidentti : Struggling for Freedom
Bliss : I Want To Be Free
Liquid Smoke : Set Me Free
Funkadelic : Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow
Clark Hutchinson : Free To Be Stoned
The Jimi Hendrix Experience : Stone Free
Buffalo : Freedom
Junipher Greene : Music for Our Children
Mashmakhan : Days When We Are Free
Jericho Jones : Freedom
Majic Ship : Free
July : To Be Free
Cream : I Feel Free
The Who : I’m Free
Marsupilami : Born To Be Free

Artwork : Funkadelic