Wake Up

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 22-09-2020

Black Helium : Pink Bolt (The Wholly Other) Riot Season
Turtle Skull : Heartless Machine (Monoliths) Art As Catharsis
Uffe Lorenzen : Caminoen (Magisk Realisme) Bad Afro
Alain Johannes : Sealed (Hum) Ipecac
Atlanta : Deventer Kunstweg (Nugrybauti) Lay Bare Recordings
Electric Moon : D-Tune (Live at Freak Valley Festival 2019) Sulatron
Pussy : G.E.A.B. (Pussy Plays) Akarma
Bismut : Oscuramento (Retrocausality) Lay Bare Recordings

Artwork : Turtle Skull

Wake Up Special with Sergio Chotsourian

Today, Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe will host another guest DJ! We have the honour to present to you a selection of tunes chosen by Sergio Chotsourian from Los NatasArarat and Soldati.

Pappo’s Blues : Algo Ha Cambiadio (Pappos Blues Volumen 1)
V8 : Destruccion (Luchando por El Metal)
Danzig : Twist of Cain (Danzig)
Slayer : Bitter Peace (Diabolus in Musica)
Blue Cheer – Summertime Blues (Vincebus Eruptum)
Fu Manchu : Evil Eye (The Action Is Go)
Brant Bjork : Lion One (Punk Rock Guilt)
Colour Haze : Aquamarin (Tempel)
Corrosion of Conformity : Heaven’s Not Overflowing (Deliverance)
Los Natas : Las Campanadas (Nuevo Orden De La Libertad)

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe, 01-09-2020

Wake Up special : Explorations in the Motorpsychedelic universe and beyond

Motorpsycho : The All Is One (The All Is One) Stickman
Sugarfoot : The House on the Hill (In the Clearing) Crispin Glover
Bol&Snah : Epilogue (So?Now?) Gigafon
Amgala Temple : Bosphorus (Invisible Airships) Pekula
Motorpsycho : N.O.X. II Ouroboros (The All Is One)
Ola Kvernberg : Caterpillar (Steamdome) Grappa
Elephant9 & Reine Fiske : Atlantis (Atlantis) Rune Grammofon
MP & Ståle Storløkken : Into the Mystic (The Death Defying Unicorn)
Needlepoint : Fear (Aimless Mary) BJK Music
Dungen : Panda (Ta Det Lungt) Subliminal Sounds
Spidergawd : Master of Disguise (s/t) Crispin Glover
Reflections in Cosmo : Cosmosis (s/t) Rarenoise
Møster! : Bandha (When You Cut Into the Present) Hubro
Yodok III : A Dreamer Ascends… (A Dreamer Ascends) Consouling Sounds
Morte Macabre : Quiet Drops (Symphonic Holocaust) Mellotronen
MP & Jaga Jazzist Horns : Pills, Powders & Passion Plays (In the Fishtank 10) Konkurrent

Wake Up Special with Désirée Hanssen

Wake Up special curated by Désirée Hanssen from Lay Bare Recordings.

Ekseption : Dance Macabre 
Q65 : The life i live
The Outsiders : Touch
Earth & Fire : Ruby is the one
The Devil’s Blood : White Faces
Orange Sunshine : Lonely Child
Gruppo Sportivo : I shot my manager
The Ex : The sky is blue again
Nasmak : Pilot in charge
Mekanik Kommando : White Soldier
Kong : Stockhouse
Urban Dance Squad : Fast Lane
Backfire! : Straight outta M-Town
Toner Low : Murphy
Beaver : Piece of Mind
Alabama Kids : The Lid
35007 : Zandbak

Wake Up At The Other End Of The Universe 04-08-2020

Theme Special: Fire, Pt. 3

Seid : Fire Song
Wolf People : When the Fire is Dead in the Grate
Diagonal : Cannon Missfire
Fire! : Would I Whip 
I Like To Sleep : Playing with Fire
Bushman’s Revenge : Wind and Fire
My Brother The Wind : Fire! Fire!
Comets On Fire : Dogwood Rust
Voice of the Seven Thunders : Set Fire to the Forest
Julie’s Haircut : The Fire Sermon
Fontanelle : When the Fire Hits the Forest
Elephant9 : Psychedelic Backfire
Monster Magnet : Cobras and Fire (Hallucination Bomb)
Baby Woodrose : Spinning Wheels of Fire
U.S. Christmas : Fire Is Sleeping

Artwork : Monster Magnet

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 21-07-2020

Theme Special: Days

The Who : Armenia City In The Sky (excerpt)
Pink Floyd : One of These Days
Dragonfly : Blue Monday
Charlies : Tuesday Song
Abstract Truth : Blue Wednesday Speaks
David Axelrod : Holy Thursday
Easybeats : Friday On My Mind
Mashmakan : Days When We Are Free
Pretty Things : Baron Saturday
Small Faces : Lazy Sunday
Mendelbaum : Days Gone By
Lynyrd Skynyrd : Saturday Night Special
Writing On The Wall : It Came on Sunday
Cirkus : Those Were the Days
King Crimson : Book of Saturday
Velvet Underground : Sunday Morning
The Doors : Strange Days 
Randy Holden : Saturday’s Son
Jeronimo : Sunday’s Child
Tiger B. Smith : These Days
Edgar Broughton Band : Don’t Even Know Which Day It Is
The Who : Armenia City In The Sky (excerpt)

Artwork : The Doors

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 7-7-2020

Benny’s bringing the fire on this week’s episode of Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe! It’s Part 2 of his Theme Special on Fire! Playlist below, including MastodonHeronHigh On FireBATHSHEBAINTER ARMA and a ton more!

Mastodon : March of the Fire Ants
Dozer : From Fire Hell
Solarized : Fire Breather
Witchcraft : Chyld of Fire
Bathsheba : Conjuration of Fire
Neurosis : Fire Is the End Lesson
Inter Arma : The Survival Fires
Moonchild : Hellfire
John Zorn : Scene 3 : And To the Brimstone, Fire
Heron : Fire Twin
Grand Magus : Baptised in Fire
High On Fire : Fireface
Telepathy : Smoke from Distant Fires
A Storm of Light : Laser Fire Forget

Artwork : Telepathy

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe, 30-06-2020

Airbag : Megalomaniac (A Day At the Beach) Karisma
Vitskär Süden : War Machine Crimson (Vitskär Süden) The Sign
Birtha : Free Spirit (Birtha) Dunhill
Rose Windows : Fix Me Another One (Single) Sub Pop
Pale Divine : Tyrants and Pawns (Consequence of Time) Cruz del Sur
Kalas : Pleasurable Prison (Kalas) Tee Pee
Wax Machine : Shade (Earthsong of Silence) Beyond Is Beyond
Mythos : Oriental Journey (Mythos) Ohr
Black Pyramid : Quantum Phoenix (Einhaler Black Pyramid Split) Burnout

Artwork : Vitskär Süden

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 23-06-2020

Fire Special

Wake Up theme special : Fire (60s/70s only)

Arthur Brown : Fire
Czar : Ritual Fire Dance
The Jimi Hendrix Experience : Fire
May Blitz : Fire Queen
Mahavishnu Orchestra : Birds of Fire
Soft Machine : Fire Engine Passing with Bells Clanging
Spirit : The Great Canyon Fire in General
The Doors : Light my Fire
Mandingo : Black Fire
Chango : Fire over Water
Deep Purple : Into the Fire
Cream : Politician (Wheels of Fire)
Free : Fire and Water
Manfred Mann’s Earth Band : Solar Fire
Secret Oyster : Fire & Water
King Crimson : The Court of the Crimson King incl The Return of the Fire Witch & the Dance of the Puppets
Master’s Apprentices : Light A Fire Within Yourself
Randy Holden : Wild Fire
Sir Lord Baltimore : Lady of Fire
13th Floor Elevators : Fire Engine
Genesis : Fireside Song

Artwork : Arthur Brown

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 16-06-2020

Shaman Elephant : Wide Awake but Still Asleep (Wide Awake but Still Asleep) Karisma
Ozo : Pluto (Pluto) Drone Rock 
Sloath : Rewengue (III) Riot Season
The Balls : A Little Bit (The Beginning or the End) 
Arabs in Aspic : Lullaby for Modern Kids 1 (Madness and Magic) Karisma
Nektar : The Dream Nebula Pt1&2 (Journey to the Centre of the Eye) Bacillus
Ancient River : Until the End (After the Dawn) Cardinal Fuzz
Vespero : The Emanation of the Giant Albion (The Four Zoas) Tonzonen