Wake Up

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 13-04-2021

Yawning Sons : Cigarette Footsteps (Sky Island) Ripple
Stöner : Own Yer Blues (Live in the Mojave Desert Vol.4) Heavy Psych Sounds
King Buffalo : Hebetation (The Burden of Restlessness) Stickman
Pontiacs : Bulgaria (Atacama Dreaming) Green Cookie
Astral Magic : Wizards (Visions of Infinity) Space Rock productions
Ozric Tentacles : Stretchy (Jurassic Shift) Dovetail
Cosmic Reaper : Wasteland II (Cosmic Reaper) Heavy Psych Sounds
Tons : Chronic Morning Obesity Pt1 (Doom Sessions Vol4) Heavy Psych Sounds
Grand Funk Railroad : Inside Looking Out (Live) (Live Album) Capitol

Artwork : Astral Magic

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 06-04-2021

Another Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe radio show is coming up on Trendkill Radio today. This weeks episode is put together by Peter & Alex & features music from Wolvennest, Long Distance Calling, Mt. Mountain , Moonspell , Godthrymm , White Dog, Humble Pie & Thronehammer !

Wolvennest : Swear To Fire (Temple) Van Records
Long Distance Calling : Seance (Ghost) Avoid The Light Records
Mt Mountain : Second Home (Centre) Fuzz Club
Moonspell: All Or Nothing (Hermitage) Napalm Records
Godthrymm : We Are The Dead (Reflections) Profound Lore 
White Dog : Verus Cultus (White Dog) Rise Above Records 
Humble Pie : Stone Cold Fever (Performance Rockin’ The Fillmore) A & M
Thronehammer : A Fading King (Incantation Rites) Usurper Records

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 16-03-2021

This week feat. Ola Kvernberg’s new single Devil Worm from his upcoming new album Steamdome.

In the hope we will be able to enjoy live concerts again later this year, we’ll try to regularly play some great livesongs. Last week you could enjoy Circle, today we dive into the comprehensive Motorpsycho live discography.


Playlist :
Ola Kvernberg : Devil Worm (single Steamdome)
Møster! : The Bonfire, The Sun (Dust Breathing) Hubro
Secret Oyster : Paella (Sea Son) CBS
Onségen Ensemble : Stellar (Fear) Svart
Guapo : II (Black Oni) Ipecac
Motorpsycho : Super/Wheel (Roadwork Vol 1 : Heavy Metall Iz A Poze, Hardt Rock Iz A Laifschteil – Live in Europe 1998)) Stickman

Artwork : Møster!

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 09-03-2021

Playlist 09-03-2021

Five the Hierophant : Fire from Frozen Cloud (Through Aureate Void) Dark Essence
Kurushimi : Wormhole (Chaos Remains) Art As Catharsis
Saturnia : Smoking in the Sun (Stranded in the Green) Sulatron
A/LPACA : Chameleon (Make It Better) Sulatron
Jordsjø : Skumring I Karesuando (Pastoralia) Karisma
Epitaph : Fresh Air (Outside the Law) Membran
Kameel : Chameau (Barkas) Poplar Sounds
Circle : Rautatie (Serpent (Live)) Ektro

Artwork : Saturnia

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 02-03-2021

Alkerdeel : Vier (Slonk) Consouling Sounds/Babylon Doom Cult
Wardruna : Kvitravn (Kvitravn) Columbia Records
Steven Wilson : 12 Things I Forgot (The Future Bites) Caroline International
Killer Be Killed : From A Crowded Wound (Reluctant Hero) Nuclear Blast
Tool : Tempest(Fear Inocolum) Volcano
Sonic Flower : Captain Frost (Rides Out) Heavy Psych Sounds
Pappo’s Blues : Adondé Esta La Liberta (Pappo’s Blues) Music Hall

Artwork : Alkerdeel

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 23-02-2021

Elephant9 – Rite of Accesion
Quiet Sun – Sol Caliente
The Melvins – Negative No No
High Command – Sword of Wisdom 
Eleanora – Elders
Mothra – Awake the Machine
Wedge – Across the Water 
Kabbalah – Ceibas
Unimother 27 – La Solitaria Settima Luce
Fire! – A Random Belt. Rats You Out

Artwork : Elephant9

Wake Up Special: The Orange Factory, Pt. 4

Playlist Orange Factory series Pt4 (2004-2006)

Orquesta Del Desierto : Above the Big Wide (Dos)
Baby Woodrose : Volcano (Money for Soul)
Alix : I’ll Be Gone (Ground)
Los Natas : Patas De Elefante (Corsario Negro)
Ufomammut : Odio (Snailking)
Mastodon : Blood and Thunder (Leviathan)
Witchcraft : No Angel or Demon (Witchcraft)
Place of Skulls : With Vision (With Vision)
Acid King : Into the Ground (III)
Monkey 3 : Bimbo (s/t)
Yawning Man : Perpetual Oyster (Rock Formations)
Brant Bjork and the Bros : ’73 (Saved by Magic)
Dead Meadow : Heaven (Feathers)
Black Mountain : Don’t Run Our Hearts Around (s/t)
Dexter Jones’ Circus Orchestra : Freakshow (s/t)
On Trial : Blood River (Forever)
Hypnos 69 : Third Nature (The Intrigue of Perception)
Siena Root : Nightstalker (Kaleidoscope)
Colour Haze : Mountain (s/t)
Rotor : Auf der Lauer (2)
Josiah : The Scarlatti Tilt (Into the Outside)
The Atomic Bitchwax : Going Guido (3)
Dozer : From Fire Fell (Through the Eyes of Heathens)

Art by Malleus

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 09-02-2021

Mythic Sunship : Maelstrom (Wildfire) Tee Pee
Endlingr : Rauchblau (From the Molten Vaults) Consouling Sounds
Needlepoint : I Offered You the Moon (Walking Up that Valley) BJK Music
Tasavallan Presidentti : Struggling for Freedom (Tasavallan Presidentti) Svart
Monolord : I’m Staying Home (I’m Staying Home) Relapse
Acid Mammoth : Berserker (Caravan) Heavy Psych Sounds
Draken : Way Down Low (Draken) Majestic Mountain
Mainliner : Blasphemy Hunter (Dual Myths) Riot Season

Artwork : Mythic Sunship

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 02-02-2021

Occult Hand Order : Azazel (The Chained The Burned The Wounded) Self Release 
Freeways : Dead Air (True Bearings) Temple of Mystery Records
Angel : Mirrors (Helluva Band) Casablanca
Mr. Bison : I’m The Storm (Seaward) Ripple 
Aunt Cynthia’s Cabin : There’s No Saving Cass (Misty Woman) Self Release 
Blue Oyster Cult : The Alchemist (The Symbol Remains) Frontiers Records
Cactus : Guiltless Glider (Restrictions) ATCO 
Temple Fang : Silky Servants (Live At Merleyn) Self Release

Artwork : Occult Hand Order