Wake Up

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe, 30-06-2020

Airbag : Megalomaniac (A Day At the Beach) Karisma
Vitskär Süden : War Machine Crimson (Vitskär Süden) The Sign
Birtha : Free Spirit (Birtha) Dunhill
Rose Windows : Fix Me Another One (Single) Sub Pop
Pale Divine : Tyrants and Pawns (Consequence of Time) Cruz del Sur
Kalas : Pleasurable Prison (Kalas) Tee Pee
Wax Machine : Shade (Earthsong of Silence) Beyond Is Beyond
Mythos : Oriental Journey (Mythos) Ohr
Black Pyramid : Quantum Phoenix (Einhaler Black Pyramid Split) Burnout

Artwork : Vitskär Süden

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 23-06-2020

Fire Special

Wake Up theme special : Fire (60s/70s only)

Arthur Brown : Fire
Czar : Ritual Fire Dance
The Jimi Hendrix Experience : Fire
May Blitz : Fire Queen
Mahavishnu Orchestra : Birds of Fire
Soft Machine : Fire Engine Passing with Bells Clanging
Spirit : The Great Canyon Fire in General
The Doors : Light my Fire
Mandingo : Black Fire
Chango : Fire over Water
Deep Purple : Into the Fire
Cream : Politician (Wheels of Fire)
Free : Fire and Water
Manfred Mann’s Earth Band : Solar Fire
Secret Oyster : Fire & Water
King Crimson : The Court of the Crimson King incl The Return of the Fire Witch & the Dance of the Puppets
Master’s Apprentices : Light A Fire Within Yourself
Randy Holden : Wild Fire
Sir Lord Baltimore : Lady of Fire
13th Floor Elevators : Fire Engine
Genesis : Fireside Song

Artwork : Arthur Brown

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 16-06-2020

Shaman Elephant : Wide Awake but Still Asleep (Wide Awake but Still Asleep) Karisma
Ozo : Pluto (Pluto) Drone Rock 
Sloath : Rewengue (III) Riot Season
The Balls : A Little Bit (The Beginning or the End) 
Arabs in Aspic : Lullaby for Modern Kids 1 (Madness and Magic) Karisma
Nektar : The Dream Nebula Pt1&2 (Journey to the Centre of the Eye) Bacillus
Ancient River : Until the End (After the Dawn) Cardinal Fuzz
Vespero : The Emanation of the Giant Albion (The Four Zoas) Tonzonen

Wake Up! Theme Special: Black Music Matters

WAKE UP!!! If you haven’t noticed, there’s something happening here… and what it is is pretty damn clear. We’re stoked to have a brand new Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe hitting at 1PM EST, 6PM GMT, and it’s a Black Music Matters Special! No, Benny is in Belgium, which makes this even more awesome. The world’s standing up and we’re pretty stoked about it. Thanks for this show, our friend.

Playlist is below, and you can tune in through the players on our homepage at trendkillradio.com, as well as through our mobile apps in the Google Play and Apple Stores. Here’s what’s up…

Hendrix : Machine Gun

Love : Daily Planet

Thin Lizzy : Black Boys On The Corner

Death : Politicians In My Eyes

Curtis Mayfield : (Don’t Worry) If There’s Hell Below

Sly And The Family Stone: Don’t Call Me Nigger, Whitey

Betty Davis : Dedicated To The Press

The Meters : You’ve Got To Change

The Temptations : Ball of Confusion

Osibisa : Move On

Demon Fuzz : Another Country

Jimi Hendrix : Freedom

Artwork : Love (Forever Changes)

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe, 02-06-2020

Rrrags : Dark Is The Day (High Protein) Laybare Recordings 
Golden Earring : She Flies On Strange Wings (Seven Tears) Polydor 
CB3 : Sonic Blaze (Aeons) The Sign Records
Farflung : Endless Drifting Wreck (A Wound In Eternity) Meteorcity 
Undskyld : Smokey Water (Smokey)
Spooky Tooth : Evil Woman (Spooky Two) Island 
The Dream Syndicate : The Regulator (The Universe Inside) Anti-Records

Artwork : The Dream Syndicate

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 26-05-2020

This week an exclusive track from King Buzzo with Trevor Dunn’s upcoming new album on Ipecac! 

King Buzzo with Trevor Dunn : Housing, Luxury, Energy (Gift of Sacrifice) Ipecac
Moths & Locusts : Troubled (Helios Rising) Cardinal Fuzz
Electric Moon : No Escape from Now (You Can See the Sound Of…extended version) Sulatron
Øresund Space Collective : Jazz It Up Boyzz (Sonic Rock Solstice 2019)
Tesa : Control 5 (Control) My Proud Mountain
Vaisseau : Force Macabre (Horrors Waiting in Line) Totem Cat
Turtle Skull : Rabbit (Rabbit) Art As Catharsis 
Banshee : Savage Man (Livin’ in the Jungle) Cardinal Fuzz
Solution : Koan (Solution) EMI

Artwork : Banshee

Wake Up Special w/ Poia

Benny has a special guest host braking out the killers! Welcome Poia (UFOMAMMUT​, Malleus ROCK ART LAB​) for a show that will truly take your mind off of your world and put you in a zen-like state that will get you through your day! He’s titled it his, “Stealing from the Future” playlist, a selection of songs that were ahead of its time when they came out.


Cromagnon : Caledonia

Millennium : Prelude / To Claudia on Thursday

Paul McCartney : Darkroom

Doris : You Never Come Closer

Pigmeat Markham : Here Comes The Judge

Nick Drake : Pink Moon

Suicide : Ghost Rider

Bill Withers : Ain’t No Sunshine

Donna Summer : I Feel Love

Moondog : Theme

Pink Floyd : The Nile Song

Adriano Celentano : Prisencolinensinanciusol

Silver Apples : Oscillations

Can : Vitamin C

The Phantom : Love Me

The Beatles : Tomorrow Never Knows

Conlon Nancarrow : Study for Player Piano No. 21

Beethoven : Sonata n 32 op 111, 2mov

Buddy Holly : Well…All Right

Wake Up At The Other End Of The Universe 12-05-2020

The Mon : The Manure of Our Remains
Aural Hallucinations : Formigas (Alucinacoes Auditivas). scott heller & couto (ex elder)
Uffe Lorenzen : Lad Det Gå (Magisk Realism) Bad Afro
Kanaan : Double Sun pt1 (Double Sun) El Paraiso
I Like To Sleep : Playing with Fire (Daydream) Rune Grammofon
Master Oogway : Garmonbozia (Earth and Other Worlds) Rune Grammofon
Okkultokrati : Grimoire Luciferian Dream (La Ilden Lyse) Southern Lord
Zolle : M’IO (Macello) Subsound
Trapeze : Medusa (Medusa) Treshold
Los Natas : Que Rico (Toba Trance) Ektro

Artwork : Zolle (Art by Berlikete)

Wake Up At The Other End Of The Universe 05-05-2020

Elder : Halcyon (Omens) Stickman 
Paradise Lost : Fall From Grace (Obsidian) Nuclear Blast
Katatonia : Behind the Blood (City Burials) Peaceville
Dool : God Particle (Summerland) Prophecy Productions
Gaupa : Hjulet (Feberdröm) Kozmik Artifactz 
Oranssi Pazuzu: Kuulen Ääniä Maan Alta (Mestarin Kynsi) Nuclear Blast
Hexvessel : Billion OLd Year Being (Kindred) Svart  
Sleeping Pandora : Raytracing (Signs In The Sky)

Artwork : Elder

Wake Up, Theme Special – Earth, Part 2

Hexvessel : Heaven and Earth Magic (No Holier Temple)
Earth : Engine of Ruin (The Bees Made Honey in the Lion’s Skull)
Fooz : Earthwind (Space is Dark…)
Monster Magnet : Twin Earth (Superjudge)
Lowrider : Flat Earth (Ode to Io)
Scorched Earth : Blues for the Red Sun (Fed to Your Head)
Mugstar : In Earth (Axis)
Lento : Earth (Earthen)
John Zorn : Out of the Eternal Sphere (The Garden of Earthly Delights)
Møster! : Descending into this Crater 3 : Magma Movement (Inner Earth)
Agalloch : And the Great Cold Death of the Earth (The Mantle)
Porcupine Tree : Last Chance to Evacuate Planet Earth Before It’s Recycled (Lightbulb Sun)
Earthlings? : Disco Marching Kraft (Disco Marching Kraft)
Brant Bjork and the Bros : Paradise on Earth (Saved by Magic)
Colour Haze : Earth (Temple)
Dozer : Earth Yeti (Madre de Dios)
The Atomic Bitchwax : Birth to the Earth (S/t)
Circle : Earthworm (Hollywood)
The Bevis Frond : God Speed You to Earth (New River Head)