Wake Up

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe, 21-01-2020

This week another guest DJ on Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe, we have the honour to offer you a selection of tunes chosen by Rob Martin (Rrrags, Bliksem).

The Claypool Lennon Delirium : The Monolith of Phobos (The Monolith of Phobos)
Grand Funk Railroad : Paranoid (Grand Funk)
Goat : Goatman (World Music)
Funkadelic : Get Off Your Ass and Jam (Let’s Take It to the Stage)
Betty Davis : Ooh Yeah (Betty Davis)
Dr John : Babylon (Babylon)
White Noise : Love Without Sound (An Electric Storm)
Elephant 9 : Hardcore Orientale (Walk the Nile)
Circle : Tulilintu (Tulikoira)
Astrosoniq : Lonely Woman (Speeder People)
Oranssi Pazuzu : Vasemman Käden Hierarkia (Värähtelijä)

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe, 14-01-2020

Jonny’s back with a load of killer new tracks to kick your day into overdrive. Always heavy, always under the over, always loud!

Dhidalah : A.U.M (Threshold) Guruguru Brains
Domo : Ritual del Sol (Domonautas Vol 1) Clostridium
Monster Magnet : Bummer (Powertrip) A & M
Solace : Bird of Ill Omen (The Brink) Blues Funeral
Flesh of the Stars : Mercy (Mercy) Self Release

Artwork : Dhidalah

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe, 07-01-2020

One of our favorites… Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe. Benny’s in Belgium curating amazing playlists every week and, if you’re not tuning in, you are missing out! This week, he’s bringing your head tracks from MotorpsychoColour HazeWishbone AshOulu Space Jam CollectiveThe Janitors and way more. You’ll want to make this one of your rituals for 2020.

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe, 2019 Favorites, Pt. 2

Wake Up Special : Favorites of 2019 pt2

Centrum : Vid Floden (För Meditation) Rocket recordings  
Kandodo : King Vulture (K3) Rooster Rock 
Maat Lander : Lunar Module (Maat Lander & Sounds of New Soma) Tonzonen
Monomyth : Auster (Orbis Quadrantis) Suburban
Obsidian Tide : The Harbinger And the Millenial Vengeance (Pillars of Creation) self release
Taraban : Last Laugh (How the East Was Lost) self release
Pseudo Mind Hive : Equinox (Of Seers and Sirens) Salty Dog
Monkey 3 : Mass (Sphere) Napalm
Wheel of Smoke : On A Wave (Sonic Cure) Polderrecords
Birth : Cosmic Tears (Birth)

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe, 10-12-2019

Benny’s bringing another amazing hour of stuff that your eardrums need to meet. Turn this one all the way up!

Red Kite : 13 Enemas For Good Luck (Red Kite) Rare Noise
John Zorn : I Will Not Write in Your Book Though You Do Kill Me! (Salem 1692) Tzadik
La Grande Armée : Normandia (La Grande Armée) Riot Season
My Brother the Wind : The Mournfull Howl of Dawn (Twilight in the Crystal Cabinet) Transubstans
High Command : Impaled on the Gates (Beyond the Walls of Desolation) Southern Lord
Black Pyramid : Visions of Gehenna (Black Pyramid)
Dr.Z : Evil Woman’s Manly Child (Three Parts to My Soul (Spiritus, Manes et Umbra) Vertigo
Pleiadees : They Offer Platitudes, You Will Learn to Breathe Underwater (Pleiadees) Subsound

Artwork : La Grande Armée

Wake Up Special: Delirium Records 3-12-2019

Wake Up Special : Delerium Records

Porcupine Tree : Stars Die (Stars Die : The Delerium Years 1991-1997) 
Electric Orange : Soul Shadows (Electric Orange)
Omnia Opera : Waiting (Red Shift)
Psychomuzak : The Exstasie (The Exstasie)  
Dead Flowers : Warmth Within (Altered State Circus) 
On Trial : Flashin’ Ghast (New Day Rising) 
The Spacious Mind : House In The Country (Mind of A Brother)
Nukli : Inner Days (The Time Factory)

Artwork : Porcupine Tree

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe, 26-11-2019

Taraban : Liberty, Fraternity, Eternity (How the East Was Lost) self release
Wheel of Smoke : Electric I (Sonic Cure) Polder Records
Ozo : Lifeship (Saturn) Riot Season
Kungens Män : Hårt Som Ben (Hårt Som Ben) Riot Season
Hazemaze : Solicitor of Evil (Hymns of the Dead) Ripple Music
White Hills : Forever in Space (Enlightened) (So You Are…So You’ll be) Thrill Jockey
Earth : Coda Maestoso in F (Flat) Minor (Hibernaculum) Southern Lord
Gong : Isle of Everywhere (Live Etc.) Virgin

Artwork : Taraban

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 12-11-2019

The Re-Stoned : Chromagnetic Stomp (10PI) Qiasum/Clostridium
Monkey 3 : Axis (Sphere) Napalm
Mamiffer : All That Is Beautiful (The Brilliant Tabernacle) Sige
Mike Patton & Jean Claude Vannier : Ballad C.3.3 (Corpse Flower) Ipecac
Your Highness : Black Fever (Your Highness) Hoogheid
The Progerians : Netjeret (Crush the Wise Men who Refuse to Submit) Mottow Soundz
Kadavar : Children of the Night (For the Dead Travel Fast) Nuclear Blast
Incredible Hog : Wreck My Soul (Volume 1)
Sunn O))) : Ascension (Pyroclasts) Southern Lord

Artwork : Mamiffer

Wake Up on the Other End of the Universe – Riot Season Records

Wake Up special : Riot Season records

Krause : The Last Men (2am Thoughts)
Black Helium : Curtains at the Mausoleum (Primitive Fuck)
Earthling Society : Tortuga (England Have My Bones)
Dead Otter : Waning (Bridge of Weird)
Hibushibire : Ecstasy Highwaystar (Turn On, Tune In, Freak Out!)
Hey Colossus : The Drang (RRR)
Dodge Meteor : High Mind (Dodge Meteor)
Kungens Män : Fyrkantig Böjelse (Chef)
Pharaoh Overlord : Testflight (#3)
La Grande Armée : La Tripa Intergalactica (La Grande Armée)
Orchestra of Constant Distress : Discomfort (Cognitive Dissonance)
Blown Out : Superior Venus (Superior Venus)

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 29-10-2019

Maat Lander : Volga Dream (Maat Lander & Sounds of New Soma split) Tonzonen
Big Dead : Petrichor (Bone White Branches) Art As Catharsis
Throatsnapper : From Wood to Gallows (About the Dead) Consouling Sounds
Mars Red Sky : Recast (The Task Eternal) Listenable
Magnolia : Tidsresenär (Ta Tjuren Vid Hornen) Transubstans  
The Master’s Apprentices : Future of Our Nation (Nickelodeon) Colombia
Sun of Man : Wish You Had Hair (single) self release
Oulu Space Jam Collective : Nebulus Horn (Drug Rings of Saturn) Adansonia

Artwork : Oulu Space Jam Collective